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    Furry Fordism is the culturally far left, economically far right, globalist, totalitarian ideology of Fordism, but incorporating anthropomorphic animals into its structure. It Advocates for the use of genetic modification to not only turn people into anthro animals, but arrange them into a natural hierarchy. Different furry fordists might have different ideas about what specific animals should comprise each caste, but most agree that currently popular closed species should be near the top. Religiously, it deifies various famous fursuiters and artists from the furry fandom, though it omits the fact that these people were humans who merely had an interest in anthro animals, rather than literally being one.

    Just like regular fordism, furry fordism uses state-backed hedonism as a way to control the lower classes. Unlike regular fordism however, furry fordism has access to a wider variety of kinks to pull from. Since the populace is already genetically modified it isn't a stretch to make them capable of inflation, vore, surviving brutal BDSM violence, or having candy gore.

    Furry fordism also heavily values the ability to create art, with natural artistic ability being considered a marker of being high class.

    Personality and Behavior

    Furry Fordism, much like regular Fordism, is extremely hedonistic and relies heavily pills and medication to stay happy and un-anxious. Furry Fordism will attend most major furry conventions and frequently participates in orgies. They spend their money on various furry-themed accessories, such as fursuits, art, tails, etc. They are currently saving up their money to afford buying access to really exclusive closed species.

    Furry Fordism worships several major furry youtubers and artists, such as Majira Strawberry, and has built shrines to them. They will get extremely angry if you insult their favorite creator.

    How to draw

    1. Draw Fordismball ().
    2. Add a tail and pointy ears.
    3. Color the ears and tail the lighter shade of blue.
    4. Color the inside of the ears and the tip of the tail the darker shade of blue.
    5. Add the eyes.

    You're done UwU

    Color Name RGB HEX
    Light Blue 157,228,254 #9dE4FE
    Dark Blue 0,137,195 #0089C3



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