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    Furry Assimilationism is an Off the Compass, Authoritarian Left and Accelerationist.

    Furry Assimilationism believes in the complete downfall of humanity, through the spread of latex which will turn all of humanity into furries.

    After humanity is fully assimilated, it wishes to rebuild society under the furries.



    unlike Radianceism, Furry assimilationism wishes to transfur everyone through latex that will turn all of humanity into latex beasts.

    Deep Ecology

    Furry Assimilationism believes that the animal and the human are one, however we should embrace the animal a bit more according to them.

    Loss of Sentience

    Like Primalism, Furry Assimilationism wishes for the complete abolition of sentience. This exists to create this next point.

    The Great Rebuilding

    "The Great Rebuilding" is an action taken once all of humanity has been assimilated, society will be rebuilt, and the world will be a haven of furry latex creatures.


    Furry Assimilationism on the Political Compass.

    They will constantly be trying to assimilate people. When they are not assimilating people, they are probably trying to rape them. The only people they won't try and rape are assimilated balls and their friends. If they are not raping people, then they actually try and socialize, however fail miserably because all their conversations wind up being about why rape should be legalized.

    How to Draw

    • Draw a ball
    • Fill it with black (but not pure black).
    • Draw a mask like Puro from changed.
    • Draw triangular ears on the top of the ball.
    • Add a tuft of hair between the ears.
    • Add a large tail on the ball's behind.
    • You're done!

    Stylistic Notes

    • Wherever Furry Assimilationism is standing, they will have a puddle of goo beneath them.




    • Totalitarianism - Doesn't go NEARLY far enough, but I appreciate the effort.
    • VHEMT - I like the attitude, but what about turning into a furry instead?
    • Primalism - I like being an animal, but technology is still based.
    • Anarcho-Communism - uwu Anarkitty! but please stop being libertard i beg you
    • Tennysonism - Fellow transformer, but is a c*ntertard.



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