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    Furry Airisuism, also Furryocratic Airisuism, is a synthesis of either Airisu.png Airisuism / Neoairisu.png Neo-Airisuism which calls for extremely progressive AnSynd.png Anarcho-Syndicalism / Bckchn.png Communalism with furry characteristics. It believes in using the furry fandom and furry aesthetics to advance Airisuism.

    The hugely increased presence and free distribution of catboys and femboys to date and fuck will still be highly present, but this time there will also be furries added to the mix. Furries, being something that orthodox Airisuism does not endorse.


    Furry Airisuism is Airisuism except somehow even more degenerate (Don't get angry Airisu; you said degeneracy was a good thing). Instead of catboy cock, Furrysu brags about enjoying cat cock and pays for receives free commissions of furry young Staling r34 for mutual aid purposes.

    Furrysu is usually portrayed as a dumb bitch who suddenly acts "edgy" when anyone she hates starts to argue with her. Also, being a flamingo, Furrysu's favorite food is shrimp.




    • Cryptidism-icon.png Cryptidism - Worst mod and anti-communist, but his furfaggotwy makes him bearwy towerable.
    • Furconfed.png Furry Confederalism - The name had my hopes up, but no, cwinge. He's still another fuwwy fwom the South I guess.
    • Furry Nationalism - I don't like how you call yourself a nationalist or your exact views on what a furry society should look like, but you tried. I'm also not the biggest enthusiast of Transh.png Sci-fi.



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