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    Funkism aims to maximise freedom, help others, make everyone equal, have a relatively free market whilst protecting the environment, wants advancements in AI and other tech

    Establishment Requirments

    Peaceful establishment through election and reform. Political Organization

    People with IQ over 100, elected via Condorcet method, yearly elections.

    Economic Organization

    Free market + Nordic model, identifies as economically center-left or center right

    Societal Organization

    Mostly secular, but religious expression is allowed. Large focus on liberating minorities. Personality and Behaviour

    Kind to people, peaceful, but will always stand up for oppressed people, obsessed with technology. How to Draw

    Draw a ball



    Funkism gets along with ideologies similar to itself, ones that are freedom based, while resenting ideologies that are heavily authoritarian.


    • Libertarianism- My foundation and basis.
    • Progressivism- A key component of my identity.
    • Nordic model- Healthcare and welfare are great
    • Urbism- To every place a municipality!
    • Anarcho-individualism: even though i think we need a state still, individual rights!
    • Transhumanism - technology is epic
    • Multiculturalism
    • Democracy
    • Feminism
    • - -- democracy, multiculturalism and religion? Based!
    • Airisuism- LGBT rights and environmentalism= great
    • FALGSC- i can excuse the communism because of space, gayness and transhumanism
    • Tomassciism- mostly based
    • Mutual Libertarianism- based


    • Buddhist Theocracy- same religion, but it doesn’t need to be enforced on others by the state
    • Capitalism- like the free market, but more unions and free healthcare
    • SajZeal Model- good economics and progressivism but please have more freedom
    • Anarcho-Posadism- i like that you hate the government and are wacky, but dislike the violence
    • File:AEEPJC.png Anarcho Egoist Esoteric Posadist Juche with Chinese characteristics- like the wackiness and egoism, dislike culturally right wing
    • Cherryism- at least you’re an environmentalist and pro-freedom
    • Hive-Mind Individualism- *confused screaming* but individualism is cool
    • Anarcho-Altruism- being libleft, culturally left wing, pacifism, transhumanism and environmentalism are good but drop the INGSOC stuff please
    • Lpyapersonism- federality, democracy and multiculturalism are based, but drop the private healthcare
    • File:JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppaism- your only positive is guns


    • IngSoc
    • Kraterocracy- even worse than IngSoc!
    • Ethnic Welfarism- good economics and transhumanism but i can’t ignore racism

    Corporate-Wave- why do you hate homeless people?

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