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    Funderburkism is the left-wing ideological beliefs of User:PatriotMapperOMSBand. A lot of the beliefs include Environmentalist and Marxist ideals.


    Communist Manifesto

    Marxism is one of the first ideals Funderburkism adopted. The idea of liberating the workers and overthrowing the upper class was very appealing to a young PatriotMapperOMSBand. So, early Funderburkism was essentially an interpretation on of Marxism.

    Green Party

    Environmentalism is another ideal the Funderburkism eventually adopted. Though, it was mainly Eco-Socialism that PatriotMapperOMSBand adopted. Though, being an American, PatriotMapperOMSBand was immediantly thrown in with American Greenism and quickly grew into Steinism with the 2016 election.


    While not really being all that influenced by Socialism , the ideology has still indiretly had a major impact on Funderburkist beliefs through Marxism, Eco-Socialism, and, to an extent, Sandersism


    The economic system of Funderburkism would be similar to that of Vikiism. The the means of production being controlled by the workers rather than individuals. The workers at a company can still elect a manager to run the buissness, but the manager doesn't own the buissness or the workers.




    Not Poggers


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