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    Freiwirtschaft is an economic ideology created by the German-Argentinian Silvio Gesell in 1916. It was also known as Natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung, or 'natural economic order'.

    It was heavily influenced by Georgism, and is sometimes seen as an obscure addition to the more popular ideology.

    It is built on the foundation of Liberalism and believes in three main tenants.

    • Freiland, or Free Land

    As in Georgism, land cannot be "owned", but rather rented from the community as a whole, through a single Land Value Tax, the revenue of which is shared throughout society.

    • Freihandel, or Free Trade

    Again, as in Georgism, Freiwirtschaft believes in freedom of trade, without import tariffs or protectionism.

    • Freigeld, or Free Money

    Unlike Georgism, Freiwirtschaft has unique monetary beliefs. According to Gesell's theory, all human-produced goods are subject to expensive storage. Grain loses its weight, metal products rust, and housing deteriorates. However, money does not do this, incentivizing hoarding currency and inflating the economy. As well as creating systemic inequality due to inheritance. The idea of Freigeld is to make money lose value over time, and eventually 'expire'. This also removes inheritance as a form of wealth.

    The name comes from the idea that there is no incentive to store Freigeld because it would lose its value later. Silvio claims that as a result, interest rates could decrease to zero.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Freiwirtschaft can be seen harrasing Georgism for not having developed monetary beliefs. He is also quite mad at being lost to historical obscurity, even more than his dad, Georgism.

    How to Draw

    • Fill a ball with off white (EDEBBF)
    • Add a black (141414) circle in the bottom middle
    • Add 3 black (141414) long 'F's coming from the circle up and diagonal.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Off White #EDEBBF 237, 235, 191
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20



    • Georgism - My American dad. Just accept my monetary beliefs! Nobody understands me...


    • Weimar Republicanism - Better than the guy who replaced you, but a dick move to censor me.



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