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    Freedomitism is the ideology of the Freedom Party from the Southern Victory novel series by Harry Turtledove. It is authoritarian, economically third position, culturally far-right, and white nationalist, being the equivalent of the Nazi Party in the Southern Victory timeline, or Timeline-191.



    The Freedom Party was founded in 1917, right after the Great War (WWI in the Southern Victory timeline) by Anthony Dresser (supposedly based off of Anton Drexler, the founder of the Nazi Party) in Richmond, Virginia. Its ideology was based on Confederate ultranationalism, white supremacism, and hatred for blacks, the United States, and the southern aristocracy (or planter class) that dominated southern political and military establishments. In its early days, the party relied on flyers for propaganda due to his access to a printer. An early poster for the group says "We need a new revolution", drawing similarities to George Washington and the American Revolution.

    While Jake Feastherston (TL-191's equivalent to Hitler) was initially critical of Dresser and his small following at the time because he thought they were "too amateurish" and because one of his flyers contained Washington, an American president, he later joined them as their seventh member sometime in the second half of 1917. After Featherston discovered he was a better public speaker than any other member, he quickly rose to being the party's propaganda head, quickly drawing more people to the party, making it clear that the party's future was reliant on his skill and talents.

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