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    This is FreeMarketNRx's personal ideological positions. These positions are a totalitarian, economically far-right, and conservative belief. It's closely resembles a feudalistic society but replaced by private proprietors and shareholders instead of lords and the aristocracy.


    What would the State look like?

    The current democratic form of government that West adopted should be replaced by small sovereign and independent countries, each governed by a private corporation. Each corporation has their own real estate, or patch, they have. This source of power is highly decentralized but extremely totalitarian in nature.

    The Purpose of The State

    A group of shareholders can vote on selecting a chief executive, to whom all the employees report to, and whose decisions are final. The corporation may also be owned and controlled by its shareholders who interests are to maximize profits. A realm should do a specific action that is deemed profitable and nothing can constrain the realm to do that action. It should state that the private organization should be financially responsible to keep themselves afloat. By this, financial responsibility can lead to moral responsibility of the proprietor.

    Police and Military

    All actions in a society would be subject to private contract. Through these contracts, a tenant must sign agreeing to follow a set of rules and regulations that the proprietor put in place, restricting immoral behaviors like theft and murder. For the goal of protecting their private property, no such thing as a right to free unlimited speech exist. For the purpose of preserving and maintaining property rights, there would be little or no tolerance to Commie.png communists, Socan2.png social anarchists, and Dem.png democrats. If a crime has been commited within the property, it'll be a violation of said contract. Insurance companies would most likely oversee the problem alongside defense services, while competing within the market for costumers. tenants, within their own respective choice, can buy insurance for their lives and property from disasters and property/financial crimes. Insurance companies would provide coverage for and repelling military attacks. Just like how they can cover the losses of a love one from a natural disaster or a give compensation from a property or financial crime, insurance companies are incentivize to cover the losses from wars and private security forces can defend the territory from upcoming attacks.


    School of Economic Thought

    The school of economics would be dominated by The Austrian School. Prices of goods and services are determined by the subjective nature of private individuals and corporate owners. Every land, body of water, and commodity is owned by a proprietor. Each good and service is bought and sold between the private proprietor and consumer; The goods and services are determined by the supply and demand within the free market.

    Monetary Policy

    I oppose a federal reserve bank and believe that currency should be decentralized, leaving it up for a market to decide the price of money. This means advocating for cryptocurrency and other forms of commodity money.


    The Role of The Family

    The family is the unit of a civilized society. The family should promote values necessary for the preservation of a free society such as self-discipline, cooperation, respect for elders, and paternal love.


    This user fundamentally rejects egalitarianism, finding it as morally reprehensible and destructive towards private property rights and social authority. Every business, family, and religious institution should require a hierarchy of command and have the right to expect obedience within their proper sphere of authority. Authority is and always be necessary in society.

    Western Culture

    The West has undoubtably shaped the current world. Western values such as individualism, free markets, private property rights, and rationalism has been a force to be reckon with in the past 200 years. According to the Left, simply defending Western culture will make me seem like I'm upholding white supremacy and sexism. I reject any form of identity politics, whether from the Left or Right, as it is a collectivist ideology to undermine the values of the West. Western values, namely economic freedom, private property rights, and the family, are worthy of preserving and defense.


    Foreign Policy

    A isolationist policy will be an ideal situation, an opposition to the involvement in the political affairs of other realms unless there's some form of violation private property rights that occured.


    Private Property rights are the main course of how the flow of immigration can work out. Private proprietors has the right to accept or exclude others from their own property in accordance to their open or closed property titles, otherwise known as covenant communities. Admission might be easy to some territories, while others nearly impossible. There will be as much inclusivity or exclusivity as individuals or property owners desire. Individuals must secure a path towards restoring the freedom of association and with the institution of private property rights, individuals may have the right to accept or deny any person.

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