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    Frank Franzism
    is the ideology of Frank Franz, the leader of the National Democratic Party of Germany and online political commentator.



    Frank Franz is primarily a Ethnic Nationalist.
    He believes that nations have the right to self-determination and that different groups of people should interact respectfully with one another and should have their own homelands, his primary focus as a nationalist lies on the interests of Germany and the German nation however.

    In many instances he can be considered a civil libertarian, believing it is the right of people to dress and believe however they want. He also has positions critical of the COVID-19 measures and vaccines, disagreeing with and kind of vaccine mandates. He himself is an atheist and believes that religion and nationality are largely disconnected, viewing religion as a personal matter.

    Geopolitically, he is mostly anti-american, for he believes that the USA's policies are contrary to his believes and make the world worse. He is for taking in refugees in limited numbers as long as they are temporary.

    He is a Racialist and believes that different groups of people have different predispositions and ways of acting due to both culture and ethnicity. He claims however, that he does not think that any group is better than another due to this, but that he has a preference for the traits of his own nation.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Frank Franzism
    1. Draw a black circle outline.
    2. Fill with orange.
    3. Draw the NPD logo in the center.
    4. Add the eyes.
    5. Done!

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