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    Francophobia, also known as Anti-Francoism (not to be confused with opposition to Francoball.png Francoism) or Anti-French sentiment, is hatred or bigotry towards French people, culture, government or language. It wants to destroy French culture, French as a language, France as a state, French history etc. The reasons to be a Francophobe can be hugely different but usually have some historic background.


    As said before the reasons to be a Francophobe can be hugely different but there are four main categories for the hatred.


    The hatred of the french people is usually a result of propaganda like in Nazi.png Nazi Germany or because of Colonialismf.png French Colonialism and it's consquences to the colonised people which results in a hatred of french people.


    The hatred of french culture always existed in some minor form. The time it was the most prominent was during the french revolution and napoleonic era where most Cball-Italy.png Cball-Russia.png european countries Cball-Sweden.png Cball-UK.png opposed the new ideals and culture that arose from the french during that time.


    The hatred to the french goverment usually refers to bigger decisions the government has done for example the seven years war or the sending of french soldiers to the Cball-US.png young USA.


    The hatred of the language usually stems from countries that have french as one of their offical languages most notably Cball-Canada.png Canada. Many people oppose the language in some form usually saying it should be less important to the generally english speaking public. A example of someone like this would be JJ.png J.J. McCollough a famous canadian political youtuber. While Swiss.png Switzerland also has french as a offical language the hatred for the language isn't a issue at all except for school children who have to learn the language, even though they don't want to. One example of said person would be Aaron.png Aaron.

    Personality and Behavior

    PCB-Anti-Frenchism Icon.png Francophobia is generally a normal ball besides for his huge hatred for anything french. He likes to rant about how bad french food is, how the french revolution and it's consequences where a disaster for the human race , why the french language sucks etc. He's often seen hanging around with Nazi.png National Socialism and Blacknat.png Black people of ex french colonies.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw the french flag colours inside the ball.
    3. Cross it through with a red line.
    4. Add some eyes and then you're done.




    • Lingcon.png Lingual Conservatism - Save other languages from French, but not French itself.
    • Cball-UK.png Pan-Anglicism - Has at times both helped and murdered the French, his dedication to our cause cannot be relied upon.


    Futher Information

    PCB-Wikipedia.png Anti-French sentiment

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