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    Foxy Heathism is the ideology of FoxyHeath. It is a conservative and neoluddist nationalist ideology that wants to repland forests in Germany and let people have a simply life through living an agararian and hunting lifestyle in or near the nature. The ideology is moderately left-wing leaning into LibLeft.


    People should live in village communies and have a family-orientated agarian lifestyle plus some hunting and gathering. The traditional family is important to be maintained but I dont have anything againist LGBT and they can live their lives how they want as well, but the goal of a family needs to be having children. People should be free do to what they want but the priority should be on connecting with nature and their community. Village communities are the best because everyone knows each other and they can help each other out, thats something i really dont like in cities and I think we need to make such solidarity more common place. Villages should have like 30-1000 people, not much more.

    I think it's important that we return to the nation-state, people of other countries have their country so we should have ours as well. We are our own people and I fear that we could go extinct with multiculturalism because if you look at big cities like Berlin there are only very few Germans there and the crime rate is high. I think it would be nice if every people can live in their home country together with their people.

    I also think modern progressivism has gone a bit too far, like its really annoying that they want to change language to fit their agenda and that so many people are going along with it. And when you go into big cities like Berlin they are full of antifa propaganda and forced diversity which i think is annoying and worrying.


    I'm agnostic so i dont really care about religion but churches look really nice and they are a good place for the community to gather so i support them, I think its stupid that they have influence in the government though. But i think it would be really cool to revive traditional paganism because it has a way stronger connection to nature which i think is important, and it's also pretty cool.

    Islam isnt part of Germany.


    One of the things that is most important to me is Environmentalism. We should replant forests and make suret hat animals like wolves can return to their natural habitats. I want people to be connected to nature so that they don't harm it and a lot of regulation for firms. Animals should also have rights to be held and treated humanely or to live in the wild and not be disturbed.

    Another important thing is that I think we need to abolish nature reserves. I know this sounds like the opposite but current nature reserves in Germany are really strict and you can't build or hunt or even leave the paths! For a healthy system where people are connected to nature and are codependent on it, it's important that they can experience it properly, and when the forests are replanted chopping down a tree and building a shack or hunting a few deers won't hurt too much. But powertools and modern weponary shouldnt be allowed, nature is for the people, not firms, so exploitation would be forbidden.


    Cars are really bad for the environment and electric cars are too, I think we need public transportation like buses and trains between the villages so that people can get around. I think its really sad that some villages, like mine, aren't well connected so Im forced to take the car whenever I want to go somewhere. Every village should have st least one bus stop where the bus comes frequently and reliably. Cars shouldnt be used as much anymore and people should rather walk, take the bike, or ride horses.

    I think a speed limit on highways makes sense but I'm not sure where it should be and people need to have proper reasoning for the implimentation, also ideally highways wouldnt exist at all.


    I dont really care about economics. I think its important that people can maintain a house and family with every job and even if they are unemployed for a bit. The government should help those people via economic regulation or through giving them some money.

    Ideally though, I think people should work together with their village and the neighboring villages and help each other out, so that normal economics isnt really needed.


    I dont really care about the government either as long as it can enforce the ideals I laid out. On the one hand it needs to be strong to protect nature and make sure we can stand up for ourselves internationally, but on the other hand it should give people freedoms and let them live with nature without spying on them or collecting taxes form individuals. So idk, I support whichever government can do that.


    I dont like the USA because they are interventionist and dont leave other countries alone, but Russia is bad too because they invaded Ukraine and are a dictatorship, China too. They are all bad countries and I think we should form a strong European alliance where countries are independent and help each other.








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