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    Foxiteism is the eponymous ideology based off a Discord user named Foxite, who postulates a Furrethnostate ( alternatively known as a Furrostate ), where the furry fandom will be the cores of the national culture and will replace the current one. \

    This is to be achieved with peaceful cultural transition mixed with elements of force (Kulturkampf) and even extermination. Foxite sees the furry culture as the only one that while developing society full of commiseration, cooperation and goodwill, also places an exceedingly large focus on environmental and ecological matters, thus preventing the ecological disaster looming over the world. Foxite also theorises that animal and their societies should be exalted by the furry nation; social mechanics found within animal societies should be reconstructed within human structures as long as they are compatible with the concepts of empathy and partnership, and with the aid of technology.

    Foxiteism is also part of the File:ExistentialistCompassIcon.png Existentialist Compass, located on the border of Seriousness and Sanity.


    Foxiteism is based on ideals deriving from:

    • Deep Ecology - portraying the environment and animal welfare as one of the most important matters for the state as well as society and postulating using technology not only to reverse the effects of global warming and dimming , but bring about an annually recuring half-yearly seasonal snow cover to non-agricultural parts of the nation, regardless of whether such lands have heretofore experienced such a long-lasting snowpack or not ( climate engineering );
    • Strasserism - striving for a state consisting only of furries and allowing a limited amount of languages to be spoken - namely Spanish, Portuguese and German; additionally, foxiteism is concerned with the suppression of political dissidents ( non-furries ), critique of capitalism and seeing a certain groups of people or behaviour as subhuman and in urgent need of extermination;
    • Communism - supporting an egalitarian society and economy;
    • Progressivism - focusing on tolerance and putting an emphasis of normalizing all sexualities and accepting all peoples ( as long as they are furries );
    • Progressive Conservatism - perceiving certain standards as superior to all else, such as 24-hour clock or underwear fetish;
    • Platformism - seeking unity within the members of the nation and a strong sense of nationalism, stating that making citizens feel superior to others on the basis of belong to a certain group ( furry fandom ) is critical to their wellbeing.
    • Mutualism - considering the primary goal of a perfect economy is ensuring that every worker is rewarded in goods of an equal value to the fruits of their labour, as well as aiming to form an economy based on free assocations and mutual savings banks;
    • Democratic Socialism - seeing capitalism as incompatible with freedom, liberty and solidarity while striving for a collectively owned economy ( within the limits of mutualism ) and a democratic government in some form.
    • Marxism-Leninism - advocating for a vanguard party as a necessary mean to safekeep the unity, superiority and morality of the nation.
    • Authoritarian Socialism - acknowledging the need for a state to act beyond the means of democracy when deemed necessary to a reasonable extent.
    • Luxemburgism - highlighting the need for a government that, while possessing some authoritarian elements, prevents a formation of a red bourgeoisie.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a circle
    2. Draw Fox like features such as a tail and ears.
    3. Colour the drawing with fox like patterns.
    4. Draw eyes with a UWU face and pink blush
    5. Add the Strasserist symbol
    6. Done!



    • Umpazodismball: Forever a comrade, Though he is a monarchist.
    • File:Memory.png Memoryism: Marxist theory?! Animals did not need theory to create perfect societies, did they? Nevertheless, I do acknowledge Marxism and socialism as rightful ideologies and ones that are a necessity within a perfect or a nearly perfect society.
    • File:Underscore.png Underscoreism: I see this as a civil war within a form of an ideology and make an active effort to make Alexius_ emerge as a victor and overtake Underscoreism.


    • File:Phlog.png Phlog's Staticcism: For ever my Rival! He should never be forgiven for what he has done against me. His Funnies are subhuman and must be swiftly eradicated, with any submissive remnants integrated into the furry fandom.
    • File:Jim.png Jimist-Oblivionism: It is an inferior form of Underscoreism that must be vored by Alexius_ once he emerges victorious in the internal civil war.


    Template:Existentialist Compass


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