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    Fortune Cookiecracy is at it's core the "Rule of the fortune cookies". It believes that the text inside the fortune cookie should dictate policies and society. Fortune cookiecracy is a goverment system and thus Non-Quadrant which means it can be utilised by any Quadrant.


    There are many different versions of how it can be implemented which vary from frequency, to the things written in the cookie, to who gets to decide the stuff written in the cookie.


    Frequency describes how many fortune cookies get picked per day. While in a presidental fortune cookiecracy cookies might only get picked every 4 years, in a pragmatic fortune cookiecracy the frequency may vary depending on the need.


    The subject describes the subject that are written in the fortune cookie. There are free main typs the Presidental, the Policy fortune cookiecracy. In the presidental variantion the fortune cookie determines who get's to be president. In the policy variation the fortune cookies decide what policies get implemented. Of course there can be mixed versions and some minor versions too of course.


    This section here describes who writes the papers in the fortune cookies. There are three main variations. A autocratic, aristocratic and democratic way. In a autocratic system only one guy that can write the fortune cookie notes. In a aristocratic stystem a group would decide what's written on the notes. Who exactly is in that group can vary in many ways too. Lastly there's the democratic system where everyone can write notes and put them in fortune cookies.

    Personality and Behavior

    Fortune Cookiecracy loves to eat and bake fortune cookies. he loves to hang around with Food Pyramidism and Lipostocracy and to give them fortune cookies to eat. He also dislikes most cracy ideologies with the exception of Demarchy.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a fortune cookie shape
    2. Add a light brown color
    3. Add some eyes and voila, you're done.



    Food Pyramidism - Thanks for considering me in the 40% majority in your system.


    Demarchy - Your system is cool but why not use fortune cookies to spice it up?
    Lipostocracy - I don't think the fattest should rule but you like eating fortune cookies!


    Communism No Foodism - Noooo you have to eat the cookies!!!

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