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    Fortniteism, also spelled Fortnitism, is the ideology of the game Fortnite. The game itself takes a lot of inspiration from Pubg.png Pubg (at least in Battle Royale mode) but was originally a teamwork game based around surviving in the zombie apocalypse or somfin like that. Battle Royale mode was very different from its original Save The World mode; being very colorful, lacking zombies, building ability and offering a brand-new way to play. The bright colors instantly got all toddlers hooked to this game and Fortnite became a huge success!

    Battle Royale

    Battle Royale mode, the only mode that people actually care or even know about, plops a bunch of toddlers on an island with lots of hidden weapons, all the while a storm closes in and forces all the players into a more concentrated area of the map. Their objective is to kill all the other children and be the last one standing, though there are also team modes, in case you suck at the game and need a partner to lower the chances of the Darwinian process from taking effect. Fortnite also decided to rip off Minecraft and allow you to build, and they even make you use a pickaxe as the main tool for harvesting "mats".

    Epic Games

    The company that made Fortnite, EPIC GAMES, is notorious for its implementation of the marketplace in their game, which sucks ludicrously high amount of dollars out of its brain-dead fanbase who are always looking out for the hottest skins. The official currency of Fornite is the Vbuck, which can be bought in-game for irl monies.

    On the cultural spectrum, EPIC GAMES is notably progressive, but unlike other companies that just change their profile picture on Twitter to a rainbow during Pride Month, EPIC GAMES wasted everybody's time by putting a BLM awareness video/advert in the middle of the game and forced everybody to watch it while it was in session. In a lulzworthy retaliation however, everyone just used the conveniently placed tomato bin to throw tomatoes at the screen in order to curb their boredom.


    Most of Fortnite's fanbase consists of kakistocratic squeakers, but as with any game, a large diversity is present in their fanbase. The three main types of Fortnite players however, are:

    1. Children: Children make the largest portion of Fortnite's fanbase and make most of the transactions in the marketplace. They are Fortnite's most important players, and ultimately their target demographic. Children when not playing Fortnite, will more often than not, be watching obnoxious videos about it on YouTube.
    2. Teenagers: Teenagers have long been a major demographic in the fps genre player base, and here is no exception. Most of these guys are just trying to have some fun, but it is estimated that at least half of them only keep up with the game for new fap material in the marketplace.
    3. Streamers: Streamers are usually the most competitive Fortnite players. They can generally be broken down into two groups: men and women. Men like Ninja are renowned for being the best Fortnite players of all time (not that that is anything particularly prestigious or anything) and are admired by all the children of Fucknut. Women are not good at the game though because they're women, however they are a big hit with Fortnite's second kind of fanbase and still get millions of undeserved views and monies from donations.

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