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    The Forschritt System (Also Known as the Neo-Prussian System) is a modern contemporary to the Classical Prussian System. It was first put to paper by Louisa Veränderung in the early 50s commonly seen as a response to the German Social Market Economy.

    It seeks to combine Capitalism with Socialism by taking elements from both.


    The Original Draft for the Forschritt System included a new economic model while some modern contemporaries use the same system, this one is still popular for most of the 10 people who follow this ideology.

    As a reform of the systems of the old ideology a new system fusing Socialism and Free Market Capitalism.

    Welfare State

    When the Forschritt System was put to paper it advocated for a strong welfare state intended an as expansion of the German Social Market Economy. Introducing Free Healthcare among other things.

    Minimal Regulations

    The Forschritt System encouraged deregulation on all economic fronts.


    The state follows mostly the same system but with its infamous "Social Merit" determined by progressive values instead. But there are a few key differences.

    Ethnic Freedom

    The Forschritt system believes in Ethnic Unity, believing that ethnicity is not an essential part of your identity as a person.

    Basic Rights for the Deserving Poor

    Even if they dont deserve power the least they deserve is basic human rights! (wip)

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