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    Food pyramidism believes that the food hierarchy should be organized in a pyramid system, where the sugary foods are at the top, and foods made with cereal are at the bottom. This can be interpreted in many ways, but Food Pyramidism itself won't ever explain which one is right.

    Food Pyramidism also believes that the food pyramid is the only right way to classify foods, and calls the New Plate System "propaganda for egalitarian eaters and foods"


    Balanced Ideological Consumption

    In this interpretation, the layers of food determine how much of it should be consumed daily, starting with the least on the top and ending with the most at the bottom

    • 5% - Fats, Sugar, All Sweets. Example of a food here would be Ice-cream & Doughnuts, as well as different sorts of fast food like Tacos and burgers
    • 20% - Proteins, examples of foods include Crabs and Pork, Cheese and Eggs as well as all sorts of nuts.
    • 35% - Fruits and vegetables, all Fruits are part of this, as well as vegetables and other sources of fiber such as Mushrooms or Corn.
    • 40% - Grains. Foods like bread or different kinds of pasta.

    Diet Based Caste System

    In this interpretation the Layers represent your social class, based on what type of food you consume the most. For example, people who consume a lot of sweets are the royalty, the one who consume milk, meat and eggs are the clergy and the nobility and so on, making it similar to Lipostcracy

    Food Transhumanism

    In this interpretation Food Pyramidism advocate for the transformation of all lifeforms to food and the creation of a hierarchy based on what food you are with literal sugar based products at the top and cereal based products at the bottom

    Personality and Behavior

    Food Pyramidism insist on the importance of a balanced diet but at the same time it will have aggressive tendencies towards cereal-based ideologies that he consider "not noble" calling them "plebs" or "inferior food" while praising ideologies full of sugars and fats

    Food Pyramidism consider any ideology as food creating some problems when it comes to eating

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a triangle.
    2. Color the triangle from top to bottom with a purple line, a blue one, a green one and an orange one.
    3. Add eyes and you are done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Purple 102,55,52 #663734
    Blue 73,80,107 #49506B
    Green 71,135,63 #47873F
    Orange 235,113,35 #EB7124



    • Caste System - Dividing people based on made up rules? I'm in!
    • AESDPF - I like your idea of turning yourself in a fruit
    • Aqua-Agrarianism - Thank you for creating a noble class of food
    • Hive Primalism - Thanks for the honey!
    • Food Transhumanism - Idk how well tech and foods goes together, and I'm not going to say if your interpretation is correct, but you are my child...


    • Mellontikofagitoism - I like your food regulation but maybe try eating a bit more
    • Lipostcracy - You should try to eat better, but you are also full of sugars and fats
    • Agrarianism - Thank you for creating food but grain it's not really "noble"




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