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    Fontaine Kritarchy is the ideology of Fontaine usually representing both the Fontaine system of governance and its governance of Fontaine. It is a moderate Totalitarian ideology as it likes to judge even the smallest of infraction carrying severe punishments. It is also said to be very industrialist and scientocratic due to its innovations in technology being more advance than any other country in Teyvat except for Snezhnaya.


    Three Values, Order, Equity, and Justice


    Order is the shield of Fontaine to Fontaine Kritarchy, without order there will be chaos and violence that harms all. Order is the cornerstone of Fontaine and all laws in Fontaine stem from order. There is no justice and equity without order.


    Equity is a value needed to set boundaries for rights without equity the law means nothing and will just be abused and used as a tool for gains against others. Morality and justice must uphold equity and laws are meant to support equity and shall constantly change based on equity.


    The sword of Fontaine, justice upholds law and supports law. Without justice the law is meaningless and as such justice is the weapon for law to give it strength. Justice is blind and those wield justice must not have any of their own interests and affairs in mind. Justice is supposed to be used like a blade to arrest evil while reconciliation helps strengthen order.

    The Court of Fontaine

    Fontaine Kritarchy believes that Fontaine shall be ruled by the court. The court has only two judges in the courtroom, the Chief Justice and the Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale which is a machine used as a judge and helps produce energy for Fontaine by collecting everyone's sense of Justice. The Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale makes the final judgement in any trial. To Fontaine Kritarchy, court trials shall be treated like entertainment and as such the Fontaine Court is actually in the Opera Epiclese and would even sell tickets for a trial. Each trial shall be entertaining to the audience and as such Fontaine Kritarchy puts a complex law system in place to produce a "spectacle of the courtroom" to create drama, tension, and to capture the audience. Focalors the God of Fontaine shall spectate the duel and act like an accuser. However after the execution of the Hydro Archon, the Oratrice has completely stopped working and Neuvillette now has the final verdict of all court cases.


    A person can partake in a duel against a champion duelist to defend their honor and to drop all charges against them. If he or she succeeds, all charges are dropped and the accused would go free. If not the person would have to stand on trial. However a person succeeding in dueling a champion duelist is hard and usually ends up getting them killed as they would defend their honor to the very end. So usually those that who believe would be sentenced to death would partake in this duel.

    Government Organization

    Fontaine's government is divided into five organizations. Each organization of the government has different responsibilities.

    Maison Gardeinnage

    The Maison Gardeinnage is the law enforcement of Fontaine, also known as the Gardes they patrol Fontaine and are responsible for surveillance and law enforcement of Fontaine. Along with humans, melusines with their keen eyesight and ability to read human emotion and robots known as gardemeks are also within the ranks of the gardes. They are also responsible of intelligence of Fontaine and recording civil cases in Fontaine.

    Maison Gestion

    The Maison Gestion is the bureaucracy of Fontaine, they mostly handle documents and administrative tasks of the government mostly just helping run the government of Fontaine.

    Maison Cardinalice

    The Maison Cardinalice is the financial department of Fontaine, basically the treasury of Fontaine. Maison Cardinalice mostly oversees and regulates the finances of the government of Fontaine. They must approve any financial requests by the other organizations of Fontaine.

    Maison Ordalie

    The most important and probably the most powerful organization out of all the other organizations, Maison Ordalie handles the judicial system of Fontaine. The organization is being lead by Neuvillette himself.

    Marechaussee Phantom

    Marechaussee Phantom is a special detective organization lead by Neuvillette himself. Most of the organization is comprised of melusines due to their keen eyesight and their excellent ability to read human emotion.


    Fontaine maintains an extremely complex law system and even the smallest crimes are known to carry the severest of punishments. In fact if a researcher doesn't produce any results, he or she could be charged for misappropriation of funds which the sentence is bankruptcy at best. In fact even carrying a flying object in the first three days of the month can get you arrested in Fontaine. Even eating ketchup on its own and calling melusine other than she/her can lead to charges. Most of those that are guilty are sent to this very notorious prison known as Fortress of Meropide known for there notorious criminal gangs that lurk there. Fontaine is keen into research and the Fontaine Research Institute has made Fontaine into an industrial and scientific powerhouse that is only below Snezhnaya. However Fontaine Research Institute is not the government and researchers are under the mercy of the Court.


    Fontaine Kritarchy is very judgemental, will literally judge you for literally anything even the smallest things about you and will make it a huge deal. Fontaine Kritarchy sees the a court trial as a performance and a show and will try to make a court trial as entertaining as possible pressing all kinds of charges and is prone to creating lots of drama wherever he exists. To Fontaine Kritarchy all of Fontaine is a court and it is to keep the crowd as entertained as possible. When not trying to cancel judge people, he likes to read Steambird and invent all kinds of machines that help the people of other nations including the Mikage Furnace. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD EVER LET FONTAINE KRITARCHY DISCOVER TWITTER EVER SERIOUSLY DON'T TRY IT HE'S GONNA CANCEL LITERALLY EVERYONE THERE!


    The Court and The Innocent

    • Kritarchy - The best way to govern Fontaine, there's nothing better than watching the spectatle of the courtroom and seeing the guilty drown in misery for their crimes!
    • Totalitarianism - I love to judge literally everything and give the guilty the harshest punishments possible. Ah what fun to see the guilty struck in fear. No guilt shall go unpunished!
    • Mediacracy - When I'm not cancelling punishing people for their crimes, I like to sit back and read the Steambird, I sure love astronomy and new drama reported by the Steambird.
    • SJW - I got to say you make everything very entertaining as well with how you press charges. Teach me how to cancel people as well.
    • State Liberalism - Although I'm not sure about all that revolutionary stuff, you like to create drama like above. Also mandatory pronouns are based!
    • American Model - Based for having the Supreme Court be a branch of government.
    • Focalors Theocracy - Ah yes she makes court trials extremely entertaining I have to say but please stay with the facts. By the verdict of the Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale the Hydro Archon shall be sentenced to death! You are a devious one Focalors!
    • Combatocracy - If you don't want to duel in court maybe try to defend your honor in a duel against a champion duel and oh boy would be entertaining. Although I have to say criminals defending their honor in a duel is kinda getting old these days.
    • Cyberocracy - Nowadays the Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale makes the final decision in all court cases although it assists Chief Justice Neuvilette. Although I got rid of you after the whole prophecy happened.
    • Autocracy - I became him after the Hydro Archon got executed.
    • Absolute Entertainism - Though I'm not a fan of anarchy or removing hierarchies, I do agree everything in Fontaine shall be there for entertainment, even court trials the most important decisions are entertaining performances as well. In fact I literally called my biggest courthouse the Opera Epiclese as it's an Opera house and I hosts all kinds of other performances like Lyney's Magic show when not putting up a court trial. Heck Lady Furina can be your so-called "anarch" of Fontaine. Also Focalors literally try to put a performance in front of the Heavenly Principles to trick the heavenly principles into fulfilling the prophecy.
    • Scientocracy - I am the most tech savvy out of all of Teyvat except for Snezhnaya and it wouldn't have been made possible without the Fontaine Research Institute. However if they ever fail in gaining results in an experiemnt I will judge them as hard as possible!
    • Favoniusism - Not really interested in freedom but Mona is the writer of Steambird in Mondstadt and I love her astrology discoveries.
    • Liyue Model - We trade often and I like Yanfei.
    • Authoritarianism - Order is the shield of Fontaine, without order there'll be endless violence that'll harm all in Fontaine.
    • Police Statism - Now let me tell you all a tale, it's a cute story. I hope it appears in all your slumbering dreams tonight. In the nation of justice, there is a little, upstanding Melusine. She is considered to be one of the most diligent in her duties, even among her kin. Look how hard she's working for justice in this nation even today. Don't let this little Melusine's size fool you. What she lacks in size she makes up for in her sense of justice. Bolstered by her convictions, she patrols Fleuve Cendre fearlessly by herself. If anyone suspicious appears... she'll be sure to watch their every move! But before anything suspicious occurs, the just little melusine will never act without authorization and accuse an innocent person... not usually that is.
    • Dracocracy - Neuvillette is actually a reincarnation of the Hydro Dragon and after Focalors execution Neuvillette basically is the sole god of Fontaine.
    • Revisionist Ei's Eternity - I recently got a visit from members of the Yashiro Commission and we filmed the Two Musketeers together and even helped bring justice on Morris. I'll be happy to do more cultural exchanges with Inazuma in the future!
    • Tiktok - I'm surprised you turned the Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale into a song and meme but hey any entertainment is entertainment and I actually enjoy all those dances and remixes you make. Now according to the Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale-

    The Suspicious

    • Alt-Lite - What do you mean cancelling is cringe. Well at least you also happen to cause a lot of drama as well.
    • Right-Wing SJW - You're just SJW but Right wing and you create a lot of drama as well but stop reeing at my melusines and reforms.
    • Ei's Eternity - Help build her the Mikage Furnace but then closed down and trapped some of my engineers in Ritou which is really saying something isn't it? Also as a survivor of the dragon race who has regained my full dragonhood, I must fulfill my oath and obligations even if it means returning all the water in the oceans back to the heavens. In taking the Authority of Electro, the Narukami placed herself on the list of the usurpers. Oh, so she has isolated herself in the Plane of Euthymia, and now rarely appears in public? Then I shall pay her a visit in another few centuries.
    • Egalitarianism - There needs to be equity in law, without it the law will just be used as a tool for the powerful. But stop hating my aristocrats and I don't care about Fleuve Cendre residents, there all criminals to begin with.
    • Apartheid - I do keep people apart and segregate society but by guilt, not race.
    • Environmentalism - Poaching is against the law and the sentence is death but why do you hate all my industry and gardemeks?
    • Industrialism - I have a lot of gardemeks and robots but they are mostly manufactured in the Fortress of Meropide which's technically an autonomous region in Fontaine.
    • Post-Industrialism - Most of my mekas are now made in the Fortress of Meropide which is technically an autonomous region apart from Fontaine. Although technically I send those guilty there so it can be sought as a prison of mine.
    • Meropide System - It is technically supposed to be an autonomous region, but I treat it like it's my prison. Also for some reason criminals run that place literally.
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - Unlike the others who get corrupted by the Fatui I've sentenced lots of Fatui to the Fortress and in fact one of the accusations can literally be if someone is a member of the Fatui. But the House of Hearth helped saved many lives especially in Poisson and helped advert the prophecy. So for that here have a gnoses I don't even need it anyways lol.
    • Morax Theocracy - Nothing will stop me from rendering judgment on each of The Seven. As the Archon who won the Authority of Geo, Deus Auri must be called to trial. If one does not wish to see us on opposite sides of a conflict, they need not worry, for I intend to stay in Fontaine for the foreseeable future, which could well mean another four hundred years. As another point of consolation, even when the trial eventually takes place, it is still not a given that the judgment will lead to a physical confrontation.
    • Barbatos Freedom - I shall fulfill my vow to judge all of The Seven in turn, even if the sky should fall and the ground give way. As the recipient of the Authority of Anemo, the God of Breeze and Hope must also stand trial. ...Hmm? He spends most of his time being a harmless drunkard, you say? Well, even so, I must meet him for myself and proceed from there.


    • Anti-Authoritarianism - Guilty! For your crimes of rebellion against the Court of Fontaine! Sentence is death! That was so easy you literally accused yourself for your crimes. What you think these crimes are justified, talk to me later after you spent all your life in the Fortress of Meropide.
    • Right-Wing Populism - Guilty! For spreading misinformation, conspiracies, and chaos regarding melusines. Melusines are beautiful creatures, they are the pride of Fontaine. To the Fortress along with you conspirators until you can accept melusines as people as well. There's even a melusine as the nurse of the Fortress so you should get to know her as a start!
    • Left-Wing Populism - Guilty! For crimes of disturbing the order and attacking law enforcement! Also what do you mean there's no equality it's literally one of my values.
    • BLM - There's no police brutality, you're just another person guilty of crimes! To the Fortress n-[REDACTED]
    • Libertarianism - Guilty! For tax evasion! you like evading taxes, try evading all the criminal gangs in the Fortress of Meripode
    • Vigilantism - Guilty! For terror and disturbing the peace. Personal justice doesn't equate to justice by the law. That's why we have Gardes to keep the law of Fontaine. To the Fortress until you can respect the Gardes more.
    • Jacobinism - Guilty! For attempted overthrow and terrorizing the people! Your justice doesn't equate to justice by the law! To the fortress and wait what how am I being sentenced to death help me!
    • White Nationalism - Guilty! For lynchings and terrorism! To the Fortress where you belong.
    • Sansism - Guilty! For eating ketchup on its own! Time to give you a bad time in the Fortress of Meropide!
    • Lipostocracy - Guilty! For eating cake that supposed to be given to the archon! That's the equivalent of trying to assassinate the archon!
      • - How exactly do you jump to that conclusion.
      • - I'll answer you once you spend your whole life in the Fortress of Meropide! I'm gonna say they have a great weight loss program over there!
    • Neoluddism - Guilty! For terrorism and property destruction! Go to the fortress where you'll be watched by technology all the time!
    • Lex Talionis - GUILTY! For murder and attempted murder! Even if the person you tried to murder has murdered one of your family members. Perhaps to you justice is simply reciprocated. But everyone has their own idea of justice and if everyone pursues their own idea of justice there is no order. The world cannot render judgement based on a desire for revenge which will lead to a cycle of revenge and destruction of order and civilization. I shall send you to the fortress along with the person who you tried to murder as they are also guilty!
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Guilty! And your opinions on woman especially young woman has made me believe that you are behind the disappearing girls in Fontaine. You know what you are too good for the Fortress time to sentence you to death! A LA GULLIONTINE!
    • Anarchism - Guilty! For disturbing order! Sentence is death! A LA GUILLOTINE!
    • Kleptocracy - Guilty! For misappropriating funds, abuse of authority, and more charges! Sentence is death! A LA GUILLOTINE!
    • Agorism - HONHONHON busted your Sinthe business and Marcel or should I say Vacher was behind the disappearance of the women.
    • Celestia Theocracy - HONHONHON fuck your prophecy, it happened and Fontaine still survived after that. Also the Hydro Dragon leads Fontaine now so cope!
    • Illegalism - WANTED! For literally all the laws on my list! Sentenced to death immideately!
    • Neo-Selfism - What kind of insanity is this! Time to sentence you to death! What you'll literally murder my champion duelist?!
    • Primal Abyssalism - Now that Neuvillette has gained his true power, I shall stop you from devouring the primordial seawater and destroying Teyvat!

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