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    Focalors Theocracy is the ideology of both Focalors and Furina themselves and its followers. Focalors Theocracy is very similar to Fontaine Kritarchy being an Authright ideology. Focalors Theocracy became the ideology of Fontaine after Egeria's death replacing the archon of Fontaine with Focalors lasting until Focalors' execution effectively turning Fontaine into a Dracocracy with Neuvillette being the sole ruler of Fontaine.


    Focalors Theocracy believes having Focalors as the god and ruler of Fontaine. Unlike other theocracies, Focalors Theocracy believes the god has more of a celebrity role in Fontaine rather than a ruler role. As such Lady Furina should be given praises and idol worship instead of regular worship and submission. In court cases Focalors mostly is a spectator of court trials and should help influence the decision of the court.

    Adversion of the Prophecy

    In order to advert the prophecy created by the Heavenly Principles. Focalors split herself into two, her divine self and her human self who became Lady Furina. Focalors then created the Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale and hid her divine self in there. All the while Lady Furina basically takes Focalors place and pretends to be the God of Fontaine. This is to fool Celestia and use Lady Furina as the archon in their prophecy allowing Focalors to do what she wants and hide herself from the prophecy. The Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale true purpose is to execute Focalors by creating enough Indemnitium to create a gulliotine like razor to end Focalors. This gulliotine also helps bring down the Hydro throne of Celestia in order to return the power of the Hydro back to the Hydro Sovereign. This way the prophecy will be turned into a stage performace while the prophecy still will go through, nobody will die and Fontaine can be saved. In a way the execution on Focalors is a sense of justice as she took the power of the Hydro Sovereign and tortured Lady Furina for 500 years and causing the original sin.


    Focalors Theocracy basically has the personality of Focalors, Furina, or her followers. As the god Focalors she has a dual-personality. As Focalors divine self, Focalors Theocracy has a really strong sense of justice and will even judge herself by executing herself. She's a great mastermind even being able to find a way to bypass the prophecy put forth by the Heavenly Principles. As Lady Furina on the outside Focalors Theocracy is very egotistic and acts like a spoiled brat, always eating cake and somehow likes to create drama wherever she goes. Focalors Theocracy basically acts like a huge celebrity. On the inside Focalors Theocracy is in fact getting tortured for trying to keep the huge act for 500 years. As her fans Focalors Theocracy basically worships Focalors in a more of a celebrity worship. Focalors Theocracy is very obsessed with Lady Furina and constantly gives her praise.



    • Egeria Theocracy - I'm her successor and I will find a way for Fontaine to survive even with the prophecy going through.
    • Anti-Celestism - I will figure out a way to decieve the Heavenly Principles in order to survive the prophecy. Also I was able to destroy the hydro throne of Celestia and give the authority of Hydro back to Neuvillette.
    • Kritarchy - I have a strong sense of justice so that's why I like the courts to rule Fontaine. Also watching the drama in the courtroom is really fun.
    • Dracocracy - Hydro Dragon Hydro Dragon don't cry. I, Focalors, shall give you back the authority of Hydro as a symbol of Fontaine's original justice!
    • Absolute Entertainism - Ahh isn't it wonderful being the celebrity of Fontaine, creating drama eating cake, everybody showers me with praise. Also court cases must be as entertaining as possible. But I'm in fact getting tortured. Also I turned the whole prophecy into some kind of stage performance that fooled Celestia.
    • Kakistocracy - Literally me managing Fontaine
    • Totalitarianism - No justice shall go unpunished! As the god of Fontaine, I shall give everyone judgement, even judgement against other gods.
    • Diarchy - In truth Focalors has been split to two separate entities.
    • Oceanid Humanism - I believe that Fontainians should attain full humanity and be free from the original sin.
    • Humanism - I created Furina as the perfect human.


    • Liquid Democracy - I don't know about democracy but I'm the god of Hydro and I sure do love any governance that has to do with hydro.
    • Cyberocracy - Why yes the Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale is a machine, I'm mostly controlling it.
    • Progressivism - You appreciate how I'm more focused on entertainment but you also don't really like authority that much.
    • Meropide System - Though you guys are criminals, thank you for helping me stop the Primordial Seawater.


    • Celestia Theocracy - We shall figure out a way to bypass your prophecy and destroy the hydro throne!
    • Hengshui Model - We need the maximum amount of fun in Fontaine as possible. Everything shall be entertaining.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - My laws are unreasonable you say, is that the only defense you have. HAHAHAHA Well that was fun, if you have no further objections I shall now declare you guilty!
    • Illegalism - No crime shall go unpunished!
    • Kleptocracy - You too!
    • Traditionalism - You don't like how I govern like a celebrity you say? Don't worry you'll get used to all the drama and entertainment everywhere just trust me!
    • Arlecchinoism - Ahhh Help Neuvillete scary fatui harbinger is back!
    • Sangonomiya Kokomi Thought - IT'S KOKOVER I'M JUST YOU BUT MORE EXTRAORDINARY!

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