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    Authoritarian Capitalist Minecraftian Rejectionist JoeyFloppaism, also known as ACMRFloppaism or FloppyFloppaism, is a strain of JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppaism that an authoritarian capitalist society that is based off of JoeyFloppaist ideals must be implemented in Minecraft while not allowing real-world politics in its own server. Unlike ACMR, it would allow other gaming services to be mentioned as long as the other gaming services mentioned agree with JoeyFloppaist ideals. It also believes that the netherite spawn rate would be lowered so that supposedly, it would actually be of more value. It also opposes free giveaways of netherite scrap or in-game cash. It supports tying the value of in-game cash to netherite scrap since gold in Minecraft is very unstable.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball with a stubby tail. Make it resemble a Boo.
    2. Color the ball black on the left and brown on the right.
    3. Draw an inverted triangle inside of the ball. Color the left side of the inverted triangle yellow and the right side white.
    4. Draw the eyes.
    5. Optional: Add a top-hat or monocle to the ball.




    • AnMine.png Anarcho-Minecraftism - I strongly disavow anarchism but I assume you're not going to betray me right? I'm 50% from PCB if you didn't know!
    • Ancient Debris Accelerationism.png Ancient Debris Accelerationism - I do support the netherite standard but I don't want to ruin our currency. And remember, I didn't ruin the spawn rate. I rebalanced it.
    • Anflop.png Anarcho-JoeyFloppaism - You're okay but anarchism is cringe.
    • Robloc.png Roblocism - I don't want your mention in your server but if Team Yellow has an advantage in every Doomspire Brickbattle game than that's based for sure.


    • Ormarxf.png Marxism - No. You're not getting free diamonds just for existing.
    • Synd.png Syndicalism - The factories are rightfully owned by the fat cats! FIRED! and banned
    • Airisu.png Airisuism - Your ideals are not allowed in my server! BANNED!
    • Sexocracy.png Sexocracy - NSFW griefers are funny, but stop trying to sell sex on my server!
    • Abort.png Abortionism - Abortion clinics are automatically banned from my server!

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