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    Floppist Theocracy is a theocracy based around Floppism, which is the predominant religion of almost every floppa-majority country. Subjects of Floppist Theocracy must believe in Floppus, their one true god, and abide to the Holy Flop Book. The three main points following Floppism are:

    1. Floppus Infarmatus (lit. Floppus is everywhere). This implies that Floppus is everywhere; he is present universally.
    2. Floppus Kavamatus (lit. Floppus is everytime). This implies that Floppus is everlasting, immortal, unmatched for us temporal beings.
    3. Floppus Hagavatus (lit. Floppus is trustworhty). This implies that Floppus is the truth that should be sought. He is honest and will never lie.

    SEX is also banned.


    Floppism was first introduced around 3000 years ago by the messenger of Floppus somewhere in modern-day Floppaslavia. "The Teachers" Floue, Gaeae and Almea are famous as the prominent missionaries that helped the spread of Floppism.

    This religion would form the Central Church, which would later split and form the Gaeae Floppist Church and the Zevican Floppist Church.


    Floppaslavian Floppist Church

    The Floppaslavian Floppist Church, also referred to as the Central Church, is the first and biggest Floppist church. It was founded by Teacher Floue and widely expanded by Teacher Gaeae. The current leader of the church is Father Fioloppe VII and it used to be the national religion of Floppaslavia until the 1900 reformation, but it is still the national religion of the Floppersian Empire however. Sex in not banned is not banned in the Floppaslavian Floppist Church.

    Gaeae Floppist Church

    The Gaeae Floppist Church is a branch of the Floppism religion which believes that Teacher Gaeae is holier than the other two teachers. They see Teacher Gaeae as the leader of the church and the most rightful apostle of Floppus. They were also the first Church to ban sex.

    Zevican Floppist Church

    The Zevican Floppist Church is a branch of the Floppism religion that believes the Messenger of Floppus is as holy as Floppus himself. They see Messenger of Floppus as a direct apostle from Floppus, which means that he is an angel or even the same as Floppus. Unlike the other churches, the Zevcan Floppist Church has two holy scriptures: The Holy Flop Book and Zelvic's Philosophy. The Zevican Floppist Church banned sex one year after the Gaeae Floppist Church did so.

    How to draw

    Floppist Flag.png
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw the symbol of Floppism inside it.
    3. Draw two caracal ears atop the ball.
    4. (Optional) Draw it wearing a pope hat.

    You're done!

    Further Information

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