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    Floofel's Thought isn't really an ideology but rather the unhinged thought process of Floofel. Floofel's Thought isn't really an ideology but rather the thought process of Floofel. Floofel believes in order to achieve self-actualization, enlightenment and to undo societal programming you must destroy yourself and hit rock bottom. They also in the abolition of society and the politics, social structures, morals and values that come with it.




    • Self-Destruction
    • Nihilism
    • Existentialism
    • Nietzscheanism


    • Post-Left Anarchism
    • Anti-Civilization
    • Anti-Statism
    • Pure Negation


    • Anti-Economics
    • Anti-Work
    • Anti-Consumerism


    • Insurrection
    • Unorganized Crime
    • Self-Sufficiency
    • Sabotage


    Hit Rock Bottom, Destroy Yourself!

    Civilization and consumerism has been nothing but unhealthy for the human mind and soul. People have been societally programmed to mindlessly consume products and feed the cycle that is civilization. People are programmed to feed this cycle to fill the void that we all feel due to our enslavement to capital, due to being deprived of our futures. We roam and consume mindlessly as cogs to machines. We live hopefully that we will rise up, become the big boss, the middle class, the 1%, whatever you wanna call the upper echelon of society. But the truth is, we will never be there. We were deprived of our individuality, our humanity, our future, everything do to civilization, capitalism and industrialism. Consumerism is our programmed coping mechanism for the consequences of all three. People have none of these, people have no individuality. They have who think they are, but in reality they are controlled by their possessions. We must reject the basic assumptions of society, especially the importance of material possessions. We have been deprived of our humanity, we are nothing but the hollow shells of what we consume, whether it be media, product, anything. We are all victims of this, you, me, everyone. We are all cogs in a machine to feed the cycle and keep the machine going. We have been deprived of our future. People in the lower echelon of civilization, especially the current generation. We will never retire, we will never live free, we will be forever trapped in the ever-growing expansion of capital, urbanization and civilization. We are stuck as long as we do nothing. Reclaim your humanity, or become a statistic. Kick in your TV, break your windows, get into debt, be lazy at your job, drive yourself into an existential crisis, destroy yourself, wither yourself down to nothing, then double down on it. Only after the destruction of ourselves can we be resurrected. Nothing is static, everything is falling apart. Never be perfect, never be content, never be complete. The world has failed us, civilization has failed us, it told us material possessions were all we would ever need. It had laid out how to live our lives instead of letting us choose to live our lives ourselves. To tear our we must start with our consumer identity, ourselves. If we want to self-actualize, we must tear down our consumer identity, as I said before, we must hit rock bottom. When we become nothing, we are free to do anything. Ego-death is necessary for self-actualization. How much do you know about yourself when your surrounded by the people you hate? By material possessions that control you? How do you know who you are without any suffering, without any scars? The liberator who destroys my property is fighting to save my spirit. The teacher who clears all possessions from my path will set me free. The man who destroys my life is seeking to save my individuality...W.I.P.

    God Does Not Love Us Anymore

    We are God's abandoned children. If there is a God, he abandoned us. The theist response to this usually is "God works in mysterious ways." Well in the Abrahamic faiths, our fathers are modeled after God, if our own fathers abandon us, what does that tell you about God? The fact of the matter is that if there is a God, he did not care for us and most likely he hates us. However, this isn't the worst thing that can happen, you can be nothing. The question now is if you could be either God’s worst enemy or nothing, which would you choose? Would you rather be on the wrong side of Heaven or the righteous side of hell? Would you rather be the evil in the good, or the good in the evil? Would you rather be the quiet child that takes the neglect, or would you rather rebel against our father? Our generation is the abandoned children of history in a society of everything. And we are all sitting here taking the neglect. Religion is a form of the enslavement of the masses, that their devotion to their false Gods will lead them to a better life after they die. When in all reality God doesn't care and more likely than not he hates you...W.I.P.

    Aggression Against Everything and All

    There is no such thing as a utopia, no such thing as an ideal world or ideal society, there is no ideal civilization. When a person imagines what an ideal world would look like, they are imagining how they would control people if it were easy if they had no challenge to. But we live in the real world, where people like them are the minority, where statists are the minority. The neoliberal seeks to control people with global markets, hierarchies, a new world order, mindless consumerism and the withering of individuality with the emphasis of material possessions and the idea that they are what they own. The communist (depending on how you define communism) seeks to control people via state-enforced altruism and collectivism, post-scarcity, centralization and withering of individuality with communitarianism and the idea of achieving a greater good for everyone. All utopias are slave systems in idea form, and must be negated. There are no utopias, no ideal civilizations. There are only slaves systems that must be negated. This is an aggression against everything and all, an aggression against slavers to desire to keep us in chains, an aggression against the civilization that has deprived us of our futures, an aggression that burns inside of everyone, inside every individual to tear everything down and to live freely on their own terms. But with this aggression, also comes the aggression against oneself. An aggression that is needed to liberate yourself not just from shackles of external forces, but internal forces, it comes with the negation of yourself and it comes from pain. Without pain, we have nothing. Without suffering, we have nothing, without a crisis, we have nothing. This aggression is an aggression that exists in everyone. Our lives are ending one minute at a time and life is too short to be living by the standards of someone else...W.I.P.

    Everything Is Always Falling Apart

    Nothing is static, everything is evolving, everything is always falling apart. We need to learn to stop trying to hold on and control everything and just let go, let all the pieces fall into place, let everything fall apart. We will find freedom in destruction, getting lost into oblivion. In losing all hope, losing everything we will find freedom...W.I.P.

    Living in Ignorance and Purchasing Your Happiness

    Civilization and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race. The rise of civilization and societal evolution has lead us to a rational and consumer society. A consumer society that makes the same products and repackages them is different unique things, this process is extended to people. People in this consumer society are societally programmed and repackaged to have their own uniqueness. A consequence of civilization is that people mindless consume to create their own consumer identity. An identity in which they are controlled by the products the purchase, media they consume and property they own. The things they own control them. Everyone in this society has fallen victim to this, including myself. People are not their authentic selves, they are a consumerist identity that they have created for themselves as a result of societal programming. Instead of their actions reflecting their own desires, their actions reflect what society wants. We work jobs we don't want to buy things we don't need to impress people we don't like, which has lead to an emptiness in the souls of many. We as a people are more concerned about identity politics and aesthetics that things like war, poverty and totalitarianism don't bother us. We live in ignorance and consume our identities. We can liberate ourselves by destroying our consumer identity and you destroy your consumer identity by doing things you never thought you would do, by driving yourself into the worst conditions and then do it again and again...W.I.P.

    The Unconsciousness Of Humanity

    Civilization has deprived us of our consciousness, we have become products of the industrial revolution. Cogs in this machine, enslaved by our own creations. Where we mindlessly consume. We live in a cancer cell. Growing for the sake of growth. People have become mindless drones to capitalism, workings, eating, shitting, sleeping, repeating. Willingly caging themselves into cities to feed into the machine for the fake promise of prosperity. They lack conscienceness, they lack individuality, they lack determination, they are a unconscience hivemind slaving away to the system. Working jobs that they don't like, to buy shit they don't need, to impress people they don't like...W.I.P.

    Burn Everything Beautiful in the World


    Destroy The Past, The Future is Ours!

    We are shackled by the traditions and ways of the people of the past. To be free, we must take back our futures by negating the traditions and history of the past. Such as the destruction of museums and churches that glorify the past and hold us back. A blank slate to start anew, a total reset of history. We need complete destruction of society, economy, and values. The destruction of the cities that keep us economic cattle, the destruction of banks that enslave us with economic hierarchy, destruction of the old man's traditions that hold us to their standards and control us, we need to undo the societal programming the state has done using public education. There needs to be total equilibrium. There needs to be the destruction of the churches that feed the masses with false hopes that if they live by slave morals, when they die they'll reunite with a loving god. There needs to be the destruction of the banks, corporations and their assets, information and money inside of them to achieve total economic equilibrium. There needs to be the destruction of museums that is put together to hold onto the past and preventing us from taking back our future. There needs to be a destruction of our false consumer identities that we crafted for ourselves because society told us to do so...W.I.P.


    Theory I Have Written


    Theory I Am Writing

    Manic Agenda: Ramblings of a Madman


    Ultraviolet Thought(File:NeoLukko.png////////) - A cool group of people to discuss ideas with.

    Yani Nihilism(///) - Other than some minor differences we seem to agree eye to eye.
    Aurelianism(////) - Very similar to the political beliefs I used to have. Imagining an ideal nation is still the mindset of a slaver, an ideal world is an imagination of how you wish for people to act but can't control them because you live in the real world. You claim to be individualist and yet hold several beliefs and contradict with individualism, you claim to be an atheist yet worship society.
    Puri Thought(////) - We agree on just about everything besides philosophy, I still and will continue to hold the stance that ego-death is a necessary step in self-actualization. As opposed to self improvement for actualization.
    Aryan Monarchism(////) - Very similar to Tiberius thought, though the group you seek to step on is people of "races" you don't like. Race is a made up construct and the desire for you to enslave them will only feed the flame so they can rightfully destroy you and the totalitarian system you seek to uphold. The people you desire to step on will control every aspect of your life. Do not fuck with us.
    Atronism -
    Autistic Anti-Civilizationism(///)- You claim to be so many things that you are not, you claim to be a nihilist while having ethics, you claim to be anti-economy while also imposing markets. You claim to be an anarchist while also imagining an ideal world, holding on to fake standards and ghosts.
    Baixian Federalism -
    BERNHEism(////) - I feel like a broken clock when talking to authoritarians. At the end of the day you're an insecure control freak and have a mindset no different from the slave owners of the confederacy, the Czar over the serfs, lords over peasants, bosses over workers. The people you seek to enslave, you seek to control, you seek to step on. We control you, we control your life. You fail to understand that people like you, statists like you, you're the minority. Don't fuck with us.
    Erissianism(///) - I agree with some of your views but I disagree with your worship of technology and worship of urbanization. As I've said before, civilization and what comes with it has deprived us of our futures, this includes cities. We have been enslaved by civilization, working wage slave jobs trapped in these cage like cities, designed to control people like cattle, living the same dull day every day, working a job we don't want to work while our overlords profit off the fruits of our slavery. It's with pure and total negation of not only civilization but also ourselves that we can break our chains.
    Ego-Progressivism(////) - I do agree with you on most of your views.
    Neo-Glencoeism(////) - The claim to making an ideal world is a quiet admission to desiring a slave world. I don't care whether your "ideal world" is possible or not, it is still a slaver world. You also claim to not hate the working class, yet you are a capitalist, a capitalist who supports pacifying the people with welfare and upholding the societal programming you seek to implement, you claim to be an individualist and anti-consumerist yet your "ideal world" is anti-individualist and pro-consumerist in policy. A walking contradiction and a lying one too.
    HelloThere314ism(////) - I find myself reading this, nodding and agreeing with most of the things that you're saying. Though I do believe that the ego-death is necessary for self-actualization. How much do you know about yourself when your surrounded by the people and material possessions that control you? How do you know who you are without any suffering, without any scars? The liberator who destroys my property is fighting to save my spirit. The teacher who clears all possessions from my path will set me free. The man who destroys my life is seeking to save my individuality.
    Leon metaknightism(///) - W.I.P.
    Bourgeoisie destroyerism(///) - I find some of your ideas agreeable but your reactionary ideas and desire to hold onto social structures make you pro-civilization. You hold onto societal values like tradition while claiming to be anti-civ. You are okay with civilization, but just your civilization.
    Mikolayism (Modern)(///) - He's just an edgy larper, nothing more, nothing less.
    Neo-Kiraism -
    Neo-Murba(///) - A standard Marxist-Leninist (Liberal) who worships dictators and works against working class action. That being said you do have some more unexpected takes, such as a support for militia as opposed to a standard military.
    File:NeoLukko.png Neo-Lukkoism() - We generally agree on most things, however I do not hold value to progressive ideas or policies. I also don't hold value to any religion or faith. You are God's abandoned child to suffer in the modern state of society. I hold faith and progressive values the same way I hold traditional values. They have no value. There is no riddle to history, no answer to life. They are made up concepts to cope with the the reality we are stuck in.
    File:DoesntExist.png Nonexistism -
    O'Langism -

    Tiberius Thought(////) - You talk about how awful the working class is, you talk about how much you hate them and how much you want them controlled. Talking about how evil we are while also defending pedophiles. But you fail to understand that the people that you want to step on, we serve your food. We deliver your products. We run the tills of your stores. We process your hospital bills. We guard your homes. We control every aspect of your life. So don't fuck with us.



    • yo i changed quite a lot and had a massive page overhaul, mind rerating?
    • Baixian Federalism Can you Add me?
    • - I no longer call myself nihilist, and markets are only transition stage.
    • Neo-Murba - add?
      • - Why'd you call me a ML? i literally dont support Stalin and have stated in the first paragraph of my wiki that i'm not!

    Aryan Monarchism - Please update your information because I no longer support slavery.

    • Neo-Glencoeism- In my defense my Anti-Consumerism is a bit of a recent development that was actually partially spured by your page. Speaking of which do have any Anti-Consumerist theory/articles for me to read?

    Bourgeoisie destroyerism can you add me


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