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    Floofel's Thought isn't really an ideology but rather the thoughts of Floofel. Floofel believes that the most effective way for people to be free from the state is to become self-reliant farmers, craftsmen, hunters, ranchers, pioneers, individualists, artists and musicians so that the state would have no power over the people.

    How to Draw

    [[File:|thumb|220x220px|Flag of Floofel's Thought ]]



    Awaj.png Anarchism - "Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners."

    Farm.png Agrarianism - An ideal lifestyle.

    Envi.png Environmentalism - “Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit"

    Radenv.png Radical Environmentalism - "The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders."

    Insarch.png Insurrectionary Anarchism - “How to Overthrow the System: brew your own beer, kick in your TV, kill your own beef, build your own cabin and piss off the front porch whenever you bloody well feel like it.”

    Anin.png Anarcho-Individualism - Anarchy in it's purest form, is complete and total responsibility of oneself.

    AnAg.png Agrarian Anarchism - Peace to homes, war to palaces!

    Accel.png Accelerationism - "Society is like a stew, it needs to be sturred up every once in a while. Otherwise the scum floats to the top."

    American Patriotism.png American Patriotism - A patriot must always be ready to defend his country from his government.

    Synthesisanarchy.png Synthesis Anarchism - Anarchism is an ever-evolving movement, a progressive movement pushing towards freedom. We have different analysises on how to achieve anarchy and thus different conclusions. This is a good thing for the anarchist movement, it would be a lot more concerning if all anarchists agreed on everything.

    GRights.png Gun Rights Advocacy - "When guns are outlawed, only the Government will have guns. The government and a few outlaws. If that happens, you can count me among the outlaws.”

    Menslib.png Men's Liberation - Men should express themselves however way they desire.

    Anfem.png Anarcha-Feminism - “Abolition of a woman's right to abortion, when and if she wants it, amounts to compulsory maternity, a form of rape by the State.”

    Honk.png Satirism - I'm just up to some yippie-ish antics. :3

    Anpostleft.png Post-Left Anarchism - Abbie Hoffman made some good work.

    Postciv.png Post-Civilizationism - I do not reject technology, technology has done a lot of good for the world. I reject civilization and society, I reject industrialism and I reject irresponsible use with technology. I too want to see cities collapse and industries cease to exist so that we may walk to ruins of society, free to live our lives and connect with the wilderness.

    Antrans.png Technoprimitivism - Same as above.

    Freespeech.png Free Speech Absolutism - Any and all restrictions on ones freedom to speak is a form of totalitarianism.


    Strato.png Stratocracy - Organized military is a cancer but I like civilian militias.

    Avar.png Avaritionism - "Fuck all these limp-dick lawyers and chickenshit bureaucrats. Fuck this 24/7 Internet spew of trivia and celebrity bullshit. Fuck American pride. Fuck the media! FUCK ALL OF IT!" (Too bad you're a genocidal maniac)

    Neolud.png Neoluddism - Kill machines, not people. (Politicians and corporcrats aren't people)

    Mediastocracy flair.png Mediacracy - I like fifth columnists, independent journalists, whistle blowing and using media to defy the state, unfortunately most of you are bought off corpocrats by to uphold the status quo.

    Turner.png Turnerism - Evil Nazi scum and genocdial maniac, good praxis tho. But as I said, kill machines, not people.


    AnEn.png Anti-Environmentalism - “We can have wilderness without freedom; we can have wilderness without human life at all, but we cannot have freedom without wilderness, we cannot have freedom without leagues of open space beyond the cities, where boys and girls, men and women, can live at least part of their lives under no control but their own desires and abilities, free from any and all direct administration by their fellow men.”

    Annil.png Anarcho-Nihilism - “Love implies anger. The man who is angered by nothing cares about nothing."

    Trumpism.png Trumpism - Half of America sold out their country for this tyrant's red hat years ago.

    Bidenism.png Bidenism - And the other half sold out their country by voting to keep everything wrong with the American system.

    DemocratF.png Democratism - An embodiment of everything that is wrong with the American system.

    American Republicanism.png American Republicanism - The only thing you are good at is slowing down the Democrats complete control over everything.

    Necon.png Neoconservatism - "Our neoconservatives are neither new nor conservative but as old as Babylon and evil as Hell."

    Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - "Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell."

    Soc.png Socialism - Socialism as a system has and will always lead to totalitarianism.

    Totalitarian.png Totalitarianism - The only logical conclusion to socialism.

    Cap.png Capitalism - Capitalism spreads the dominion and power of the rich to control the people and strip them of freedom.

    Corp.png Corporatocracy - Fuck the Corpocrats!

    WEF-Icon.png Schwabism - An evil human being, he and people like him are the scum in the stew, they are everything that's wrong with society.

    PolState.png Police Statism - Police do nothing but exist as a tool to oppress the people. They serve the state and the rich.

    Imp.png Imperialism - "The tragic part about modern war is that we're sending young men and women to fight each other instead of their real enemies back at home in their capitals."

    Nation.png Nationalism - The only difference between nationalism and globalism is their ambition, a nationalist only has the ambition to control a small part of the world, a globalist has the ambition to control the entire world.

    World.png Globalism - See the statement above.

    SJW.png SJW - Fuck your tyrannical policies and identity politic bullshit.

    Altr.png Alt-Right - I get accused of being you a lot, I'm not you, fuck your reactionary politics. (You're better than the person above tho tbh)

    Altl.png Alt-Lite - See the statement above.

    User Relations


    Vamp.png Braun Spencer Thought (Antipop.png/Mach.png/Statecap.png/Necon.png) - We agree on nothing politically but I would still consider you one of best people I've met online.

    Ashley.png AshleyHere (Anin.png/Libsoc.png/Bckchn.png/Aneco.png) - We agree on most things besides economic policy, I can also tell you have a strong sense of liberty and I respect that.

    Atronism-icon.png Atronism (Ultraprogressivism.png/ML.png/Anticap.png/Castro.png) - We don't agree on anything but you're a real nice person and very well read. I'd consider you a friend. (Anti-Capitalism is based tho)

    Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism (Ultraprogressivism.png/Ormarxf.png/Orthlen.png/Kirakween.png) - Same as above, you're very well read and a nice person. Tho socialism is not the solution to capitalism. (your ball is really cute too)

    Vexism.png Vexism(Anticap.png/Anticom.png/Sorelia.png/Flang.png) - An amazing friend and lovely person, very funny and clever too. I love having conversations with you. (and a dommy mommy)

    Rock.png Rocksism (Libms.png/Bckchn.png/Demcon.png/Progress.png) - You're a cool and clearly well read dude, tho socialism is not the solution to the problems we face today, it just becomes a new form of control, new form of slavery.

    Ioist.png Ego-Progressivism (Ultraprogressivism.png/Egocom.png/Illeg.png/Existentialist Anarchism.png) - I like a lot of your ideas, I'm skeptical of transhumanism, progressivism and communism but in general I like your ideas. You're also a fun and nice person to talk to.

    Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup Thought(Globnat.png/Liberalsoc.png/Green Party (US).png/LeftSocdem-Alt.png/Demsocstar.png/Prog-u.png) - You're a nice person and also a very well read person, but as I say to most libertarian socialists, socialism will make things worse and is not the solution to capitalism, let's discuss ideas some time!

    Med Social Model.png Tammyism (Acol.png/Ethnonat.png/Humanismpix.png/Makhaevism.png) - I'm not a fan of collectivism or nationalism or humanism (tho I get accused of being a radical humanist) you're a nice person and a great friend too who's always fun to talk to.

    O'Langism.png O'Langism (Libsoc.png/AnSynd.png/Ancom.png/GE.png) - Overall very based, I like the idea of mutual aid and communes if it's completely voluntary, if an individual desires to start a business or do their own thing they should. That being said, democracy and socialism is not the solution to capitalism.

    Lanceism.png Lanceism - We don't have much in common but everyone seems to like you and you're really nice c:


    NatPolPotSmallerEye.png National Pol Potism (Polpot.png/Natbol.png/Totalitarian.png/Soc.png - I don't know anything about you as a person, so it's not fair to put you in enemies, but I can say politically we have nothing in common and that a lot of your ideas are flawed (anti-capitalism is based tho)

    (3princ.png/Authdem.png/Soc.png/Ultranat.png)- Same as the guy above.

    Glencoe.png Glencoeism (Liberalsoc.png/Mutalist.png/Statlib.png/Steinval.png) - I don't know much about you, your political views alright, I'm not a fan of state liberalism or socialism (I know you don't identify with them). Let's discuss ideas some time.

    Stilluserricon.png Stilluserr's Thought (Technocracy.png/ Progconf.png/Socauth.png) - You're a nice person and welcome to the wiki. Politically I don't agree with ya, I'm not a fan of planned economies or the state and especially elitist rule.

    Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism (Fash.png/Corptism.png/React.png/Anti-LGBT.png) - The fascism is a failed and inherently evil system. I hope you can learn to hate it someday.

    Further Information

    Art by PrinceJerboa! They did a fantastic job and they're an amazing friend of mine. I'm grateful for what they came up with. :3

    Questions about my ideas?


    NatPolPotSmallerEye.png National Pol Potism - Can you add me?
    Atronism-icon.png Atronism - I'm not sure if you added me before the PCBA purge, but if you did, could you readd me?
    Rock.png Rocksism - Add me please?

    - Add me?

    Ioist.png Io - Add me?

    Stilluserricon.png Stilluserr's Thought - Can you add me?

    Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism - add me

    Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism - add me comrade

    O'Langism.png O'Langism - Add me?

    O'Langism.png O'Langism - What are your thoughts on decentralized cooperative ownership?

    • Iconfloofel.png Floofel - I don't oppose it decentralized cooperative ownership as long as it's consistent with voluntary association.
    • Glencoe.png Glencoe- I am not a state liberal I have gotten rid of the Transition Phase and oppose government surveillance and overreach

    Panth.png Pantheonism - Hey, hey!

    Calcicon.png Calculustism - add me pls

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