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    Flexism is an ideology that seeks to find a balance between different political and economic currents, recognizing the importance of social justice and equal opportunities. Its main purpose is to establish a society in which all individuals have access to the necessary resources to live a dignified life.

    In the cultural sphere, Flexism adopts a centrist stance, promoting tolerance, respect, and peaceful coexistence among different social and cultural groups. It seeks to foster dialogue and cooperation, recognizing that diversity enriches society as a whole.

    From an economic perspective, Flexism aligns with the far-left, advocating for economic justice and equal opportunities for all. It proposes the abolition of money and its replacement with bananas as the unit of exchange. This proposal aims to challenge economic inequalities and prevent the accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few. By using bananas as currency, it seeks to establish a more equitable and sustainable exchange system.

    Within the framework of the Flexist economic system, collective ownership of the means of production, wealth redistribution, and equitable access to basic resources such as food, housing, and education are promoted. The state plays an active role in economic regulation and planning to ensure the well-being of all citizens.

    A characteristic aspect of Flexism is the idea of immediately spending change without saving it. This is based on the premise that the accumulation of personal wealth is incompatible with the principles of equality and social justice that this ideology upholds. Citizens are encouraged to use their change and economic surpluses to contribute to collective well-being by investing them in social programs, community projects, or activities that benefit society as a whole.

    Regarding its foundation in personalism and Christianity, Flexism incorporates elements from both currents to support its focus on the dignity and intrinsic value of every human being.

    Personalism, as a philosophical current, emphasizes the importance of personal relationships and the valuing of each individual as an end in themselves. Flexism adopts this perspective by recognizing the inherent dignity of all individuals and seeking to ensure that everyone has the necessary conditions to fully develop. This implies promoting social justice, equal opportunities, and the active participation of each individual in decision-making processes that affect their lives.

    In terms of Christianity, Flexism finds inspiration in the ethical and moral principles present in this religion. The message of love for one's neighbor, concern for the most vulnerable, and the call to share resources generously are elements that influence the Flexist vision of social justice and solidarity. Flexism considers that society should be based on ethical values and the care of others, especially those in need.

    In this way, Flexism integrates personalism and Christianity to establish an ideological framework in which it seeks to build a more equitable and just society, where all individuals are respected and have the opportunity to fully develop. Through the combination of these elements, Flexism proposes a human-centered approach grounded in ethical values to address the political, economic, and social challenges of our time.

    Flexism is based on primitivist principles that question the dominant economic and social model. By adopting a primitivist stance, Flexism seeks to return to simpler and more sustainable forms of living, moving away from dependence on technology and the market economy.

    From this perspective, Flexism promotes self-sufficiency and community resilience. The development of practical skills and traditional knowledge to meet basic needs, such as food production, housing construction, and the creation of goods necessary for daily life, is encouraged. This involves valuing and reclaiming ancestral knowledge and ways of life that are more in harmony with nature.

    Flexism also emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with nature and the environment. Advocacy for the protection and conservation of ecosystems is promoted, along with sustainable practices in agriculture, energy, and consumption. The goal is to reduce dependence on non-renewable natural resources and encourage responsible use of available resources.

    In terms of politics, Flexism proposes forms of governance based on direct citizen participation, collective decision-making, and the decentralization of power. The aim is to overcome bureaucracy and corruption, allowing local communities to have greater autonomy in decision-making processes that affect their environment and lives.

    Personality And Behaviour

    Flexism loves spending money, loves bananas, and loves enslaving people to build statues for them.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Flexism
    1. Draw a circle
    2. Draw a eyes
    3. Draw the Flexism Flag
    4. Colour it!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Green #6AA84F 106, 168, 79
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255



    Maybe in Tribe


    • Titoism - You have market, market bad!

    Other monkey




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