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    Flat Earthism is the belief that the earth is flat. Proponents of Flat-Earthism usually state that the real truth about the earth is being hidden by the government (and notably by NASA). Antagonists usually cite many pieces of conventionally accepted evidence for a spherical earth.

    This belief can be a product of religious fundamentalism, as some flat-earthers cite the Bible as proof of a flat Earth (when taken literally, kinda like the YECs). Some famous people support the notion of a flat earth. On average, the flat-earth community is more religious than the rest of society.




    • Kakistocracy - People may think I am you but I am not. SPHERICAL EARTHER DETECTED!!
    • Christian Theocracy - Some flat-earthers use you to justify me. But why do you denounce me?!
    • Trekism - Only Afun would dare to compare me to a Star Trek schizo. I guess I like this to explain the hurricanes.
    • Feudalism - You created me but why didn't you attack NewQUACK!?
    • Manosphere - I don't have anything against your ideology, but STOP HAVING THE WORD SPHERE IN YOUR IDEOLOGY NAME!!!
      • - Typical feminists, wanting to get rid of men- Wait. Are you saying you're fine with my ideology and just want me to get rid of the "sphere" part?
        • Precisely.
          • - Wow. You're probably one of the first people to dislike me for something other than how I don't support femi-nazis.



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