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    Fjordism is an ideology almost exactly aligned with Social Democracy and Nordic Model — economically center-left, culturally left-wing, and civically moderate, though usually leaning libertarian. However, the big difference between the two is that Fjordism believes that the only way to a fulfilling life is to settle in the fjords of Norway and live a simple life off the grid. In this sense, the ideology is one with primitivist beliefs.


    Fjordism advocates for the search of true simplicity and confort and claims that the perfect places for settling said lifestyle are in the Norwegian fjords, although some iterpretations can include other countries that also have fjords. That type of simplicity is said to be related to the humans' natural order as a primitivist way, but, although primitivism is primarily related to the stone age period, Fjordism declares the usage of simple but common tools like farm tools, warm clothes, well structured wooden houses, etc. Fjordism is against the usage of a monetary system as he considers it too complex, so he preffers the barter system based on the fair exchange of properties in order to accommodate every citizen. It promotes the settle of small villages with some small regulations to guarantee a safe, fair and simple life to the general public.

    Behaviour And Personality

    Fjordism is very peaceful and calm, getting very content with the simplest things. It is very unusual to see him angry, but when he is it is usually related to urban ideologies, extremism and economy.

    How To Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill the ball in with green
    3. Draw the central cross:
      1. Add white cross, going from the middle in four main directions (left-to-right, up-down)
      2. Add another thinner cross within it, colored blue
      3. Distinguish a white circle in the center
      4. Within the circle, add a blue rose
    4. Give Fjordism it's favorite scarf (with a red-beige-red-purple pattern)
    5. Add the eyes and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Green #00793B 0, 121, 59
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Blue #153955 21, 57, 85
    Red #76000A 118, 0, 10
    Beige #8A6E4E 138, 110, 78
    Purple #5D2447 93, 36, 71



    • Nordic Model - My lovely mother. She always comes to visit me in the fjords when she can.
    • Primitivism - My simple father. He's the one who taught me about the bad side of the urban, modern life.
    • Social Democracy - My urban best friend. Although he likes modern technology, he's also a lover of simplicity and fairness.
    • Agrarian Socialism - An anti-capitalist farmer, just like me.


    • Pol Potism - Follows some goals I also do like a simple farm life and hating on modern technology, but you gotta chill out!
    • Progressivism - You're a very lovely and smart guy, but why do I need to know about these stience and technology things you talk about?


    • Capitalism - Money? Math? Business? Why are you so complicated?!
    • Industrialism - Let's just keep up with the hunting and gathering, ok?
    • Technocracy - The only thing I need to know is how to survive.




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