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    Fiumanism, also known as D'Annunzianism, is the name of the ultranationalist, libertarian and corporatist ideology of the Italian Regency of Carnaro.


    Charter of Carnaro



    League of Fiume

    "[The aim of the League is to] bring together in a compact formation the forces of all the oppressed peoples of the Earth: peoples, nations, races, etc, etc, and use this to combat and triumph over the oppressors and imperialists, who aim to impose their financial might on the most sacred sentiments of men: faith, love for one's country, and individual and social dignity."

    D'Annunzio always viewed the Impresa di Fiume in "universal" terms, as part of a global struggle and established contacts with various foreign organizations. He even allegedly asked the Bolsheviks for financial aid before the March of Ronchi. The League of Fiume was masterminded by the radical socialist Belgian poet Léon Kochnitzky. Kochnitzky was an admirer of Lenin, the Russian Revolution, the Soviet economic model and a strong anti-imperialist activist. Kochnitzky created the League of Fiume to unite the oppressed and colonized nations of the world to struggle against the League of Nations.

    Kochnitzky's radical plan involved the uniting of "representatives of the oppressed peoples": Italians living in Dalmatia, Fiume and the Adriatic islands; Germans in Austria and Poland; Croats; Montenegrins; the Irish; Catalonians; the Maltese; Gibraltarians; Czechoslovakians; the Flemish; Arabs; Muslims; Palestinian Jews; Chinese-Americans and African-Americans. He also planned to unite "representatives of the countries unjustly damaged by the Treaty of Versailles": Russians; Romanians; Belgians; the Portuguese; Thai; Germans; Bulgarians; Turks and the Vatican. The League would also reach out to any organization that was sympathetic to the Fiuman cause, especially groups in Italy proper; France; Britain and America. Kochnitzky believed that the support of the Italians in Italia Irredentia, Egyptians, Irish and Indians was a given and that the League would probably get the support of the Croats, Montenegrins, Albanians, Hungarians, Flemish and Turks. Fiume was going to become the centre of what was essentially an anti-League of Nations.

    Kochnitzky also pursued a pro-communist foreign policy, believing that the support of the Soviet Union was vital for the Impresa di Fiume to succeed. He also referred to the USSR as one of the most "spiritually alive elements of our time." Kochnitzky and D'Annunzio both recognized the USSR, denounced the Hungarian fascist leader Miklos Horthy and supported the Hungarian Communist Party.




    • Futurism - You're too radical and D'Annunzio didn't like you, but many of my supporters are you.
    • Monarchism - It's complicated...
    • Anarcho-Fascism - I like a lot of your ideas but why do you like him?


    Further Information

    1. "In the Italian province of Carnaro, music is a social and religious institution."
    2. "No wonder, since all my culture is anarchist, and since it is rooted in me the conviction that, after this last war, history will untie a new to a very daring shore. It is my intention to make this city a spiritual island from which it can radiate eminently communist action towards all oppressed nations. I need not to be slandered by you subversives; Then you will see that my work is not nationalist."
    3. "For any race of noble origin, culture is the best of all weapons."
    4. "All citizens of the State, of both sexes are equal, and feel themselves equal in the eye of the law."
    5. "Therefore, our cause is the greatest and the most beautiful which today has been directed against the evil of the world. It extends from Ireland to Egypt, from Russia to the United States, from Rumania to India. It gathers the white races and the colored peoples, reconciles the gospel with the Koran."
    6. "In secondary schools the teaching of the various dialects spoken in the Italian province of Carnaro will be obligatory. Primary instruction will be given in the language spoken by the majority of the inhabitants of each commune and also in parallel classes in that spoken by the minority."
    7. "The Republic of Carnaro is a direct democracy that has productive labor as its base and the largest possible functional and local autonomy as its governing principle."

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