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    The First Aquarian Model is a mildly authoritarian, economically center-right, and culturally center-left ideology, roughly representative of the beliefs of

    as a tween, during the time in real life when she began to grow genuinely rebellious against the authority of her parents, and also began developing her own view of the world. She was only minimally informed about politics at this point in time.

    For Aquaria, she supports a federal system of governance, a mixed market economy, civil rights (specifically, gender equality and racial equality), environmentalism, and a somewhat isolationist foreign policy, with strict immigration protocol. She is also staunchly anti-communist. In the real world, she holds all of these same stances, except being more fond of internationalism.

    Her newly gained environmentalist sentiment is caused by her awareness of climate change, a present global issue she had just learned about. Her isolationist and nationalist sentiments (for Aquaria) are fueled by her aversion to tradition and totalitarianism, which she sees a lot of in the Unspoke Kingdom and in real-life nations as well. She is skeptical of foreign nations in general, always wary of an invasion. However, she is quite internationalist in her outlook of the real world, supporting cooperation and cultural exchange between nations, and not being a fan of xenophobia. Her opposition to communism is caused by her learning more about the Chinese Communist Party's abuses of human rights and opposition to liberty, which she sees as products of communism, as other self-proclaimed communist countries of the world (especially North Korea and the Soviet Union) also share these traits. She believes in advancing civil rights for racial minorities and women, as she sees this as key to securing their liberty. She does not have an opinion on modern LGBTQ+ rhetoric, as

    in real life didn't hear of the concepts of LGBTQ+ rhetoric yet.


    As Goudan's provincial government was continuously eroded by separatist rebels, led by Pìhèsk Mùsiq, the Unspoke military arrived in late 2013 to stop the uprising, and a civil war began. During the civil war, after a long struggle, the Goudan government was overthrown, and the rebels took power. The rebel forces almost immediately declared independence, renaming their newly independent region the Federal Republic of Aquaria.

    Pìhèsk Mùsiq then held autocratic power briefly, during which time they and their rebel coalition were simply known as "the government". They decided on Aquaria's three founding values of love, progressivism, and environmentalism, and began building Aquaria based on their personal values, largely inspired by modern liberalism. The local people who were loyal to the new nation suffered harshly under constant war conditions, with many being shot on sight by the Unspoke army for treachery as the army made advances. However, the Aquarian government called for international aid, and on one of the Unspoke advances, they were met by United Nations Peacekeeping forces, threatening to advance into the Unspoke capital, Qiuyong, if Unspoke forces were caught invading Aquaria. The Unspoke forces resorted to mostly incognito guerilla assaults after that, in order to avoid responsibility.

    At the end of the war in early 2016, as Unspoke forces finally retreated, the Aquarian government soon agreed to negotiations with regional political groups to create a multi-party democratic system. The original government and its supporters formed the Liberal Party. In the first elections of the winter of 2016, the Liberal Party candidate was defeated by the Green Party candidate. The Green Party soon began working on several reforms under their agenda, as the Second Aquarian Model came into existence.

    The First Aquarian Model's influence to this day can be felt in the commitment to progressivism and environmentalism of later Aquarian Models, as well as their opposition to totalitarianism and traditionalism, although their views on communism have since changed. It can also be felt in their isolationist sentiment.


    The First Aquarian Model has a very defensive personality, ready to destroy anyone who invades her territory. She has a rather strong sense of morality, and greatly values solitude, and as such, she hates anyone who doesn't respect her liberty to govern in her own style. She is a lot more lenient and easygoing towards her siblings, though, except for Proto-Aquarian Model. She can also be very respectful towards other ideologies who value most of the same things that she does. Much like her later siblings, she despises China, and will grow very angry at anyone who supports its government. She is very fond of the color blue and of dragons.

    Stylistic Notes

    • Intense
    • Individualistic
    • Can get angry easily if someone comes near her without her permission
    • Will also get angry at any communist (except Third Aquarian Model), especially supporters of China
    • Much nicer with her siblings and friends
    • Values love deep down
    • Often seen wielding a diamond sword (in reference to 's love of Minecraft back then)

    How To Draw

    The ball of First Aquarian Model is designed in reference to AquaHeart's two favorite colors, blue and green, and her love for dragons, all of which she discovered in her tween years. This is supposed to be the revolutionary flag of the rebels in Goudan, and the old national flag of Federal Republic of Aquaria.

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Color the inside of the circle green.
    3. Draw a large dark blue circle in the middle of the original circle, with 75-80% the diameter of the original.
    4. Also in dark blue, draw a rightward-facing dragon's head symbol, similar to the one shown.
    5. Add a bowtie directly on the outline of the ball, at around the top right.
    6. Paint the bowtie dark blue on the sides, and green in the middle.
    7. Add regular eyes.
    8. You're done! :)
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Green #7FE040 127, 224, 64
    Dark Blue #0634A4 6, 52, 164




    • Third Aquarian Model - Probably the nicest member of our family, but I'm really iffy about the whole socialism/communism thing, since I despise that. However, it seems like you're carrying Aquaria quite well, and you're also distancing yourself far from supporters of China and North Korea, so you're still acceptable.
    • Democracy - Look, I like this idea, it sounds so much better than a communist dictatorship. But I need to first protect my people from the evils of the outside world, and to do that properly, I have to put you aside for a bit. I promise I'll let you do your thing soon.
    • Pacifism - I would love to stay pacifist, but some people in this world are evil, and when they hit us, we must hit back.
    • Sinophobia - I also hate China, but don't loop Chinese people in with the government, that's just lowkey racist.
    • Singaporean Model - Pretty okay I guess. A bit too old-fashioned for me, though.


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