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    Ferolaism is an ideology developed by Riccardo Ferola. It includes the theories of Leninism, Marxism, Anti-Fascism, Democratic Education, a Democratic Military, Progressivism, Semi-Direct Democracy, E-Democracy, Rehabilitation, Animal Rights, etc.

    Political Organization

    In a Ferolaist government, the highest level of authority is the cabinet, a council made up of the nation’s ministers, referred to simply as the Council of Ministers. There is a strict one-party system, however, this does not mean there is no Freedom of Speech. The Council of Ministers, along with a Parliament make minor, relatively unimportant decisions and the citizens make the more significant decisions, here we can see Ferolaism’s Semi-direct Democratic system occur. The council of ministers’ main power is to abide by a certain program of achieving communism, one which may not be influenced by the electorate, for fear of contamination. Another power in which the council of ministers must have is the ability to decide on how to assist other countries in achieving revolution as well. This will include inciting revolution in other capitalist nations, and supplying resources to other developing nations to ensure they can prosper once they achieve socialism as well. If the Ferolaist system is set up in a capitalist nation like America, there would be no reason not to export revolution or aid developing countries, as nations like these already  have an abundance of resources under capitalism, which would ultimately increase during socialism. The de jure Head of State and Government is the President of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister). However, the Prime Minister has virtually no power, he/she only represents the nation and may make minor or unimportant decisions. In short, the de facto Head of State and Government is Council of Ministers while the Prime Minister represents it and the nation. Almost every office is elected by the people. In the elections, citizens can vote on government websites (E-Democracy), by mailing in a ballot, or by coming in person. Many referendums are made in a Ferolaist system to ensure decisions aren’t made against the will of the people.

    Economic Organization

    In a Ferolaist economy, no private enterprise is permitted as the state openly strives for Communism. The government owns every type of property except Personal Property. Therefore, every industry is nationalized, and the nation operates a planned/command economy. Almost everything is provided by the government (example: housing, healthcare, etc.), similar to Marxist-Leninist states during the Cold War. The state has a mixed system between Labor Vouchers and an Exchange Economy, depending on whether the product is being sold by the government or a civilian.

    For example, let’s hypothesize that a civilian would like to buy a cellphone, his/her choices are to buy it from the state or a local cell-phone maker.

    If the civilian decides to buy it from the government, he/she would use a labor voucher, a way of compensating people based on the hours of work they put in, once this purchase is made, the labor vouchers will be re-earned through labor.

    If the civilian decides to buy it from a local cell-phone maker, the producer will give the cellphone to the consumer in exchange for another object, here, Ferolaism’s Exchange Economy occurs.

    In order to vote, a minimal number of labor vouchers must be paid to ensure that those workers who actually contribute their labor into benefiting society will be able to make decisions on how it will advance. This will also put non-workers in a dilemma, as they will have to choose either to work and earn labor vouchers from the government, or to not be able to vote at all.

    Societal Organization

    In a Ferolaist society, progressivism thrives. Abortion is legal under any circumstance. Almost every type of animal harm and abuse is prohibited, especially to nearly all mammals, most birds, most reptiles and some amphibians. Therefore, unless an individual is in danger because of an animal, they have no right to voluntarily do harm to it. Ferolaism abides to Proletarian Internationalism, the perception of all communist revolutions as being part of a single global class struggle rather than separate localized events. Ferolaism is soft on most criminals, considering them more as victims of the system rather than reprehensible individuals, therefore, it uses rehabilitative justice. Freedom of Religion is present, although there can't be public display of religion outside of designated areas and places of worship; in addition, evidently, the State and Religion are separate. Freedom of Speech is present, so anyone can criticize the government, however protesting is restricted. Ferolaism is renowned for its Education System, which is unlike any other, where students can elect their principal and the students' voices are equal to the teachers'. Every drug is decriminalized; however, drug trafficking is strictly illegal. It is also renowned for its Democratic Military, where Soldiers elect their officers. Ferolaism follows a Communist Society (Stateless, Classless and Moneyless)*

    *It should be worth noting that this is not how Ferolaism will look once it is put in place, there must be a transitionary period, known as socialism, before this type of society can be achieved, it can take years, decades, or more. Think of socialism like what the Soviet Union was during Lenin and Stalin’s rule, or any Marxist-Leninist state at the time for that matter.

    Educational Organization

    As we previously mentioned, Ferolaism is renowed for its education system where the students' voices are equal to the teachers. To ensure the best future generation possible, the students must learn what they are passionate about instead of forcing them to learn something they despise and will never use in their life. At the early ages, they will be educated in the basic materials, and in the later ages, the students have the ability to choose what lessons they would like to focus on. Every year, the students gather to vote for their principal, any teacher can run and this will guarantee the students are under an elected administation. In addition, there are shorter school hours and homework is essentially non-existent, as school is the place to study and home is the place to rest, this is to make sure students do not feel pressured by school unlike the system we have now. Since schools and universities are all state-owned, everyone can pursue their dreams.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Ferolaismball is proud and very defensive of its beliefs. It easily wins debates with facts and evidence, while still being passionate. It loves science and the environment. It strongly dislikes Capitalist, Fascist and Conservative beliefs. It strongly hates Anti-Communism. With Anarcho-Capitalism, Hoppeanism and Avaritionism being its least favourite ideologies.


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