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    Femboy Syndicalism or Femsynd, is a lib left, cultural left femboy ideology, and self insert for user Rainbowflys and probably a couple other femsynd's as well. He's very gay and very socialist, he adores civil rights, syndicalist theory and femmy clothing.

    Its debatable how extreme femboy syndicalism want to go to encourage femboys it can range from simply destroying gender norms for everyone or do something weird like complete femboyification of all males similar to what Anarcho-Femboyism advocates.

    Economic wise he's pro union, always. He's uncertain if he like Anarcho-Syndicalism or a more federal type of syndicalism. But do to his pro union leaning he is very against capitalism since in his eyes its a unjust and authoritarian system. He distains Auth lefts like Stalinism and Pol Potism for being associated with that rabble and believes they cause more harm than good.

    File:Femboy Syndicalism flag.png
    Flag Of Femboy syndicalism

    How to draw

    1. Draw ball
    2. color ball red #FF0C24
    3. use layer tool to draw the femboy flag, the colors will be listed top to bottom
      1. #D3A5FF
      2. #B58CEC
      3. #9371D2
      4. #59AE87
      5. #8BDBB6
    4. once done with the flag draw a classic torch and hammer design
    5. add some eyes
    6. now the optional is the bow which depending on your stance on the topic of weather femboy ideologies should wear bows, you can add them or not.
    7. your done, good job <3

    Personality and behavior

    FemSynd is very eager to organize and support coops/ unions. He probably plays TNO mod, kaiserriech, and TF2 a lot, when he's not doing that he's probably dancing and looking cute in femmy clothes. He's very bubbly and happy a lot of the time. Music wise he likes IWW Union Songs, and vaporwave.




    • Monarcho-Syndicalism - I prefer a democratic system but you are hilarious I can't hate you, hehehhehe.
    • Consielism - You indeed have workers rights but your government system closely resembles national syndicalism with medieval vibes medieval vibes are fun but elections are kind of a must for me. No offense.


    • Neoliberalism - You may promote good ideas but you never actually carry them out.
    • Neoconservative - You make laws that sound ok on the surface but are really made to harm Muslims and afro Americans, as far as I'm concerned you are no different form neoliberal.
    • Naval National Bolshevism - See I did write your article but you're kind of extremely cursed.
    • Scientologist Theocracy - Again i wrote your article BUT YOUR EVEN MORE CURSED!
    • Social Darwinism - People need a helping hand, your a meanie and evil.
    • Capitalism - I believe that the capital should belong to the many instead of the few.
    • Fascism - Eww
    • Alt-Right Femboyism - I will crush your neck with my platform boots you aesthetic traitor!!!
    • National Syndicalism - Federal elections would be ok if that's not to much to ask.



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