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    Femboy Fascism

    is an AuthUnity & culturally far-right (Except on Femboys & Traps) ideology which seeks to establish a Fascist government but also supports Men's Liberation & Femboys (and usually LGBT people more broadly).

    This ideology represents primarily a generic and/or classical Fascism, however most common in the Femboy and Homofascist community, is a National Socialist variant of Femboy Fascism - Femboy Nazism.


    Femboy Nazism

    Femboy Nazism

    is a variant of the before described generic and/or classical fascist Femboy Fascism, however instead of aligning with a classical or other fascist movement, it againist itself specifically with National Socialism; simply adding upon the ideology and acceptance of Femboys & Traps, as well as generally LGBT people more broadly. This variant is oftentimes more common in right-wing femboy communities than a classical fascism is.

    Alt-Right Femboyism

    Alt-Right Femboyism

    is an authoritarian and culturally right ideology, like Alt-Right, with the only difference being that he likes and accepts femboys/traps, usually also to the point of even being one of them.

    He is still exactly the same as Alt-Right, except that he accepts the traps/femboys completely.


    Femboy Fascism is practially exactly the same as Alt-Right except that he openly expresses his acceptance of and support for femboys and usually also other LGBT people.




    • Alt-Right - My daddy! Why do you feel ashamed of me? I know you like this stuff.





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