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    Femboy Darwinism is the survival of the gayest. It is when gays kill all straights and lesbians to prove themselves the superior beings of all mankind, the apex predator if you will. This ideology is known to be supported by femboys like Gabriel Duffey who want to live in an all gay world were they will inevitably be sodomized by bara daddies, Catholic priests, and the like. Additionally, they also plan to bioengineer eggs to prevent homosexual from going extinction, thus answering the question "how will homosexuals thrive in a Darwinist environment when they can't reproduce with other men."


    Femboy Darwinism tries to act like a cute little femboy with a quivering boy pussy that wants to be fucked, and strictly rejects most forms of Capitalism because it doesn't go far enough, opting for Darwinism. Femboy Darwinism is easily subdued when around big hunky gigachads.



    • Avaritionism - YAS!!! SLAY THE STRAGGOTS!!!
    • Gabrialduffeyism - Basically me!(i am ten time more massculine than you could ever understand (sure you are my little femboy))
    • Esoteric Fascism - Oh Himmler, I love seeing you smile... you have such a large clean-cut chin... so sexy.


    • Kraterocracy - Dont take survivors as slaves! I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THE SEX SLAVE!!!
    • Ego-Capitalism - We need to do more than clear the market of spooks!


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