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    Feelism is an ideology that advocates the feelings and emotions are the base of the whole existence and society, it advocates that feelings are more important than reason and everything, mainly philosophy and science, should be based on feelings and emotions, and not on reason.

    Feelism advocates that the existence only have sense if feelings and emotions are considered as the basis of the existence, while reason and skepticism are just deviations of existence, feelism advocates that if people managed to be able to full manifest its own emotions and feelings, the world will be a better world and everyone is going to be happy and existence will finally makes sense.

    Feelism also advocates concepts as thumos, soul, spirit, consciousness and extraphysical mechanics as basis of a feelist society, it also advocates technology should be based on emotions and feelings, not on reason, such as the technologies of Extraphysicism and Soulism, even advocating Techno-spiritualism, Techno-Agnosticism and Technoccultism in order to fufill the need to proof that the extraphysical issues actually exist, it also advocates that positivism should be countered and replaced by Epistemological Anarchism and by spiritualism.

    Feelism also unites Empathism into its ideology advocating that empathy should also be a basis for society, since empathy is one of the main feelings advocated by feelism. Feelism also advocates that narcisism and psychopathy needs to be countered by empathy and feeling-emotion based technologies and philosophy.

    Feelism advocates communalism and soulism on the economical issue considering both the manifestation of a feeling based society, and it also advocates Biocollectivism and Bioequalism considering both as normal consequences of a feeling based society.

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