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    Federal Pluralism is a libertarian left culturally progressive ideology that supports a revolution in Canada led by indigenous nations to overthrow the current Canadian state and replace it with a decentralized federation of autonomous direct-democratic communities. Partly inspired by Zapa.png Neozapatismo, they seek to adapt the strategy of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation to the conditions of indigenous communities in Canada.

    Their main goal is to educate settlers about the oppression of indigenous nations in order to radicalize them against the Canadian state. The settlers would then work alongside indigenous people to overthrow the oppressive institutions, similarly to how the BlackMarxism.png Weather Underground tried to organize white students to fight alonside the black liberation movement.





    • NDP icon.png New Democratic Party - The best party but you still kind of suck. F*ck John Horgan, but some of your MPs are pretty based.
    • Quebec.png Quebec Nationalism - I have mixed feelings about you guys. On one hand, the Québécois have been a victims of Canadian colonial oppression throughout history, just like indigenous people. On the other hand, the Bloc is awful and a lot of you are very racist, and an independent Québécois state would be just as bad for indigenous people as the status-quo.
    • Mao.png Maoism - You definitely had some interesting ideas that I think we can learn from but you lost me with the authoritarianism.


    • TrudeauLib.png Trudeau - You broke your promises on indigenous reconciliation and sent the RCMP to invade unceded Wet'su'weten land so a pipeline could be built. You're just as bad as the Conservatives.
    • CanadaPCC.png The Conservative Party - MacDonald, Harper, and all of your other PMs were genocidal maniacs who would be put on trial in The Hague if there was any justice in the world. Also, ban oil now, I don't care about the consequences when the choice is between some Albertans being unemployed for a few months and BILLIONS OF PEOPLE DYING.
    • MLM.png Marxism–Leninism–Maoism - Gonzalo was a murderer and a cult leader who did absolutely nothing for the people of Peru. Shining Path killed innocent indigenous peasants, they are no comrades of mine.
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