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    Fecesarchy is a governing system in which the leader is determined by varying descriptions of their feces. There are some differing ways in which this system works, but they all involve the judgement of one's feces.

    For example, a Fescesarchy may have an election every so often to see who can take the best shit and win; or a leader could rule for life until he dies or some one else takes a better shit than his previous record. It can also be Technocratic.



    In a Marcro-Fecesarchy, the man who takes the biggest shit becomes the leader.


    In a Cosmofecesarchy, the man who takes the finest, most exquisite shit with all aspects accounted for becomes leader.


    In a Dysfecesarchy, the man who takes the strangest, weirdest, or most unnatural shit becomes leader. These shits may be discolored, bloody, misshapen, ect.


    In a Mediofecesarchy, the man who takes the most mediocre shit becomes leader. These are usually hard to account for considering most shits are mediocre. Subscribers of this sub-ideology usually live by the "every shit is unique" principle.

    Personality and Behavior

    Fecesarchy likes to take a shit. He also loves to collect shit from different balls. He usually hangs out with his friends Poop Accelerationism and Poopsoc.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball and colour it in a light brown.
    2. Draw a poop symbol on the ball.
    3. (Optional) Draw some shit around the ball.
    4. Add some eyes and you're done.




    • Meritocracy - I like me some good poop.
    • Poopsoc - You're obsessed with poop too but pls don't punish me!


    Further Information


    • RateMyPoo.com


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