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    Fascisti su Marte Alliance

    The Fascisti su Marte Alliance is a union of people who are often accused of being fascists. The alliance was created to clear our names and to support each other because no one else is willing to.

    If you're interested in joining, please leave a comment and the current members will vote on your inclusion.

    Fascisti su Marte Alliance is named after the 2006 Italian comedy of the same name.



    Since BasedSnowFlake and SocAuthBon made the group they are the highest ranking members. Despite that we are pretty decentralized and any members can make edits (with permission) to the page. Any member can make non-important edits without any permission.

    Voting for new members

    Must have majority support to join

    Only 2 votes at a time

    Name: Geo-Jacobinism

    Votes for: 1 Votes Against:

    Name: SlovakianPatriot3ism

    Votes for: 1

    Votes Against:


    I have an alternate history project on the wiki that you might find cool. You can join if you want.

    • - made a new portrait for you guys.

    - Wow, how left I am considering I might be the only one without a welfare state here.

    * - I request that I be moved down one space on the political compass and that we remove the newest comments at the top thing.

    • - Two questions, is entering this like entering NATO, where everyone must be approved, and also, are you aware that one of you Konstantina called me a fascist? That proves you’re alliance is worth something.
      • majority of the members must vote in favor of you to get in.
    • Phill Tchaikovskism - Add me?


    Please put newest Applications at the top

    Hoxism - Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Or else I'll send a freindly hellfire missile to your house :)

    SlovakianPatriot3ism - Can I Join?
    Corwin Schott Theory - Could I be in your group?

    • - Why would you want to join? This alliance is for quasi-fascists while you're an actual fascist.

    Geo-Jacobinism - I got to join your group.

    • Accused Mussolini here with sympathy for PerΓ³n. Actually I'm asking myself why I'm not already here.
      • - okay ill put you on a vote
    • - Hello, I would like to join. I am quasi fascist, and the reason I originally put fascist is because I couldn’t find the quasi-fascist link. The authrights call me liberal, many of the lefts and lib rights call me fascist.
      • - okay we will put you on the list of aplicants
    •  Palaism - Would be interested in joining!
      • - okay


    MEMBERS ONLY! Please put newest comments at the top

    • - nooo someone removed all of my bad grammar :(
    • - Add your tags to your self insert link πŸ™
    • - I agree
    • should we make a subreddit or something? I don’t use discord so that’s out of the picture at least for now.
    • You might have heard of Cornerstone Alliance, which was founded by me, and I ask all of you to join if you want
    • - We should add a image on this page
    • - hi
    • - Hello



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