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    Fascist Minecraftism is an ideology which revolves around the idea of every Minecraft server being a one-party state and so every Minecraft server should have it's own official political party.

    The "dictator" of the server doesn't have to be the server owner himself, infact, if said form of fascism advocated for constitutional monarchy, then the server owner could very well be the "King" of the server while the dictator would be just another player with "Server Operator" commands.

    Types Of Fascist Minecraftism

    Nazi Minecraftism

    Nazi Minecraftism is a authoritarian right ideology that supports national socialist ideals mixed with minecraftism, it believes that certain players that break rules or other games are inferior.

    Personality And Behavior

    Fascist Minecraftism is a straightforward and to the point dictator (though he just calls himself the main "Server Operator") which rules his Minecraft server with glory. He decides which players play on "Survival Mode" and which players play on "Creative Mode" and he decides on what direction the server is going towards.

    How To Draw

    1. Draw a cube.
    2. Make the cube resemble the warped nylium texture from Minecraft.
    3. Add a swastika in the middle of the cube.
    4. Add eyes and you're done!




    • Minecraftism - You're the ideology I was based on, but I would recommend you add some more harsh policies.


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