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    Fascist Indigenism is an authoritarian right, culturally reactionary ideology that seeks to return the Americas to native American people. This is achieved through mass genocide, and it wants to destroy white culture. This ideology is not real do not look up Elwood Towner , it's a caricature of what Voosh and co. thinks decolonization is. It's also a ridiculous parody of what the USA and Canada did to native populations.

    It seeks to unite all native American nations to form three large, allied confederations on the continent(s), United Turtle Island for the north, (USA, Canada), Tahuantinsuyo for all of South America, and Aztlan for middle America (Mexico, Central America, Caribbean). It also wants to rename North America to "Mikinoc Waajew", a common name for the continent, and South America to Tahuantinsuyo/Tauantinsuyu (or similar), the Inca name for the continent.

    In terms of religion, it advocates for revival of native religions, and the banning of Christianity, especially Catholicism, for one hundred years. This is done in order to give indigenous people a "free choice" on whether to really accept Christianity under a non-colonial condition.

    In terms of world allies, it seeks to ally East Asians and Aboriginal Australians, advocating for a similar movement in Australia.

    It's an insanely racist and genocidal ideology that views white people as a savage and untrustworthy people due to their history of colonialism. It believes that to undo The Invasion, the Americas need to go through three "Century Plans".

    In the first century all white people who aren't first- or second-generation immigrants are to be enslaved to rebuild the Americas as the natives see fit, Christianity is to be banned for a hundred years, social programs are instituted to increase the native population rapidly along with their languages and cultures, all non-white minorities are given the choice to "return" to their own lands or stay in the Americas as immigrant citizens, and Vaush's YouTube Channel is to be terminated.

    In the second century, white people are placed into reservations, systematically screened to determine their "racism quotient". those considered to be racist are to remain in their "white reservations" to continue being enslaved and produce products, while the rest are given passage to Europe. Native languages are to be made compulsory to learn for all citizens, and all indo-european languages are banned, while Christianity is unbanned, The flag, called the "RWBY" (red, white, black, and yellow) is also to be changed to a non-broken medicine wheel. And Vaush's house is to be invaded.

    In the third and final century, the remaining white slaves are to be exterminated, previous laws banning things are to be removed, and Europe is to be invaded by a coalition of Asians, Australians, Africans and the American nations. And Vaush is to be found and destroyed in a debate.

    The flag, called the "RWBY" (red, white, black, and yellow)

    How To Draw:

    1. Draw a dark-red ball
    2. Draw a right-facing broken medicine wheel on the center, with the red rung on top, yellow on the left, black on the right, and white on the bottom, in the middle a light blue square connecting the wheel.
    3. Draw a small brown band around the top of the ball
    4. Draw a feather sticking out of the back of the band
    5. Done




    • Alt-Lite - You're even more like me, very spiritual. but you're not respectful to us.


    • Lincolnism- You murdered my people
    • White Nationalism and Alt-Right - Fake fascists.
    • Capitalism - You were a big motivator in the murder of my people
    • Trumpism- You asked us what we have to lose. But it's us that will show you what you have to lose.
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