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    Fartocracy or fart is a radical anarchist syndicalist revolution that occurred in a discord where the owner refused to add a #fart-channel. It preaches council socialism and direct democracy where a council of democratically elected leaders of said communes to arrange bills that everyone votes on, but its main goal overall it to have a #fart-channel in every discord. To achieve #fart-channel protest, demand, threats and even revolution are encouraged in order to achieve their goal. Most revolutions usually starts with this gif being posted basically anywhere in the server.

    How to draw?

    Now the AF symbolized anarcho for A and F for fart. Green was to represent farts.

    1. Draw a circle
    2. fill it in with green #A5B400
    3. draw eyes
    4. draw a white circle with a AF symbol in the middle


    Fartocracy has its roots in a funny gif discord user rainbowflys saw and posted a couple times. Then after getting called out for being cringe for debating a reactionary in the #politics channel, they called that the people of the server must advocate for #fart-channel. Then Emberscale proclaimed at 20:18 3/4/2021 that the #politics channel is now the #fart-channel this looked at by fartist historians as the beginning of the march revolution. The March Revolution was enacted by discord users Big boss a Burgundian adherent , h u e y! a Anarcho femboy , Frankia A labour Zionist, Emberscale a social democrat, and Rainbowflys a femboy syndicallist, these figures put all of there sillyness together to form fartocracy, and are considered the founders of the revolution. Later the 5 would propose a democratic referendum of on weather piss, shit, and cum can be posted on the newly conquered politics channel and in 4-0 motion in favor of the referendum.

    The Homeland of the revolution would finally be saved after revolutionary Big Boss would assume power and create a fourth theory style dictatorship and to appease the masses create a #fart-channel bringing in new life to the revolution, but in the prosses banning "liberals" from posting in the channel due to his anti-liberal dictatorship.


    This details the victories so far with fart channel's being added, if you have received a victory that has not been recorded yet detail it here.

    Battle of the united empires of Carson discord

    The start of the revolution

    • Tactics used
      • Occupy channel: User Emberscale proclaimed that politics was the fart channel
      • Infiltration: Big Boss Became admin and created the fart channel to appease the masses

    Battle of Rynizers cloud

    • Tactics used
      • Mass Protest: Multiple people posted the gif

    Battle of the laundry basket

    Biggest struggle so far

    • Tactics used
      • Occupy channel: We occupied #peanuts after fart channel was closed
      • Mass protest: Kept on posting fart channel gifs
      • Democratic reform: the mod gave in and posted asked people to vote on weather fart channel should be opened up again.
    • total shutdown:
      • the fart channel was shut 4 times in total.

    Battle of Shipwreck island

    We gained our freedom when we organized

    • tactics used
      • Occupy general: User Chellze occupied general posting fart pictures till we gained our freedom
      • Hunger strike: user rainbowflys threatened a hunger strike until the channel

    Battle of ZaAaaAndy

    • tactics used
      • Infiltration: one of our revolutionariees happened to be mod and created the fart channel gaining us our victory

    Battle of Catboy Cafe

    Pyrrhic Victory

    • tactics used
      • suggestions: the server had a suggestions channel and the gif was placed the mod made it almost immediately.



    Discord Admins

    • Polpot.pngPol potism - We defeated you in " The Battle of Shipwreck island" by occupying #general and hunger strikes
    • Altrightfemboyicon.pngAlt-right femboy - We defeated you in " the battle of Rynizer's cloud" by mass protest.
    • Nazi.pngNational Socialism - We defeated you in "the battle of laundry basket" by mass protest, revolution, reform and occupying vc.
    • Monarcho-Communalism-Iconism.pngMonarcho-Communalism -You Instigated our rebellion due to your refusal to add fart channel!

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