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    gonna rewrite this shit to my actual political views

    Fant-icon.pngFantism (in self-insert form) or Ancap patri icon.pngPatriotic Anarcho-Capitalism (or just Anarcho-Patriotism) is an ideology that has a lot of similarity with PCB-Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism and make it a patriotic form of Ancap (and army, don't forget)

    In resume, Fant-icon.pngFantism believes that most of the principles of PCB-Awaj.pngAnarchism and PCB-Ancapf.pngAnarcho-Capitalism are right, but one thing Fant-icon.pngFantism believes is that the country (the concept of country still exists, there just isn't a ruler) should be more patriotic and proud of the country . One of the things that differentiates it from other forms of anarchism (if I haven't forgotten any) is the private army with the "Principle of Defensive Army" (PDA) which should only protect the country from future wars but should never be used against another nation.
    One of the ideas suggested by the theorists (But it does not necessarily need to be followed) is the "Principle of Free Health" (PFH) which says that despite the defense of non-intervention in the economy, everything related to health should be free, especially for army helpers. (it's good to avoid deaths).

    Another thing that Fant-icon.pngFantism believes is the creation of a national deep-web. that only the members of the country should have acess to the country.

    How to Draw

    Self-Insert Version (Fantism)

    1.Draw a ball.
    2.add a red smile.
    3.add a red nose
    4.draw eyes
    5.add blue paint arroud the eyes
    6.add long green hair and done Fant real-self-insert.png

    Non Self-Insert Version (Anarcho-Patriotism)

    Flag of Fantism (Non Self-Insert

    1. Draw the PCB-Ancapf.pngAnarcho-Capitalism Flag.
    2. Draw the Patriotism Icon
    3.Draw eyes and done
    4.[OPTIONAL] Draw a ancap version flag of your country


    Fodas (Best Friends)

    Fodinhas (Friends)

    Paia (Cringe)

    Fodas (Best-Friends)

    • Typicalfan2.png TypicalFan1 Thought Pratically a conservative/auth version of me (and mexican) (Based cuz like madness combat)
    • Typicalfan.png Neo-Typicalfan1ism basically same above (BASED)
    • Neo-Fantism I think that Far-fant-icon.png NatAvar.pngFar-Fantism was a joke bro. But you're literally me, so ur automatically based (you take the "pratiotic" thing so seriously slk)


    • Cflski.png Celfloskism Very cool and based until "They belief " Riches" Taxation at least 70%" . I hope I don't get rich in your government. I like money


    • Arctoism Icon.png Arctoism i like some of your ideas but i hate some of your ideas too

    Semi-Paia (Semi-Cringe)

    • Admiralism Icon.png Admiralism AdmAlt icon.png Good: Nationalism and Amogusism | Bad: everthing else (not everthing but majority)

    Paia (Cringe)

    • Far-fant-icon.png NatAvar.pngFar-Fantism Some of your ideas are good but WHY MY GOD? IT'S SO FUCKING EXTREME!
    • ML.pngKamyarismSoc-h.png Except culturally,Pro-gun,Transhumanism and Sonic. This guy is exactly the opposite of me.
    • NSL.png National Social Liberalism Why the hate about Technocracy.pngTechnocracy(and this friendship Kak.pngKakistocracy). i like your cultural and patriotic ideas, but this hate with Technocracy angry me.


    • Technocracy.png Technocracy (Non-Left) Yeah. The smartest patriots should rule the nation if I fall



    Shit Test (Self-Insert Only)





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