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    Fantasyism is a non quadrant, culturally and economically variable ideology, that unifies all ideologies advocating for the establishment of Fantasy in the real world. Those ideologies take inspiration from the fantasy genre in litterature and other medias, and want to re-shape society and the world to make them ressemble it. There are many different versions of Fantasyism, depending on the sub-genre it is most inspired by and on the methods it uses to achieve its goal.


    Most followers of Fantasyism share a taste for ancient - particularly medieval - aesthetic. However, they often mix modern and even Progressive values with it, such as democratic, freedom, tolerance, and sometimes social justice and economic equality.

    Fantasyism can be in favor of implementing magic into the real world. For rational fantasyists, this can be done by mimicking it using advanced technology, and/or by considering magic as a symbolic concept. Irrational fantasyists, on the other hand, relie on wiccan practices, pagan faiths, extraphysicism...

    To establish fantasy in the real world, Fantasyism wants to populate it with as much mythical creatures as possible, such as griffins, dragons, phoenixes, unicorns, manticores, minotaurs, etc. This can be made possible by genetic engineering to create new species, and/or by robotics to create artificial yet autonomous creatures.

    Fantasyism is in favor of diversifying the human species into different mythical races, suxh as elves, dwarves, faes and more. The way those races are then considered can vary, from discriminationist to egalitarian views, and changing one's race may or may not be accepted/seen negatively/be encouraged.

    Fantasyism isn't necessarily against technological progress, especially since it can make its objective feasible, but it wants to hide it behind pre-industrial aesthetic. Though most fantasyists do want to ban all types of firearms.

    The main sub-genres to influence Fantasyism are heroic-fantasy, high-fantasy and medieval fantasy. Other sub-genres can be : dark-fantasy, urban-fantasy, science fantasy, wuxia, sword and sorcery, low-fantasy etc.


    Fantasyism loves reading, watch movies, play video-games and tabletop RPGs, basically everything where there is magic, dragons ad all that kind of stuff. They are geeky, a lore-master of everything that has fantasy in it, and they love talking about each of these things as well as introducing people to their sub-culture. They are a little too passionate about the fantasy genre, and can quickly annoy those around them who aren't into it as much as they are.

    How to Draw

    File:Fantasyism Flag.png
    Flag of Fantasyism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it spring green.
    3. Trace three black lines crossing in the middle, and use them as bases to draw three swords.
    4. Put a white disk where they cross.
    5. Draw four yellow disk around the white one, and draw a "tail" behind each of them.
    6. Draw in yellow the outline of a shield behind the swords, without crossing any of them.
    7. Finally, draw two white feather pens on the sides of the shield, pointing downward.

    You're done!

    Color Name RGB HEX
    Medium Spring Green 22,230,130 #16E682
    Black 14,14,14 #0E0E0E
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF
    Gold 251,213,0 #FBD500




    • New Order - You can call yourself a "sith" all you want, I know you're just a sorceror in space.
    • Imperiumism - Same with you. You literally worship a wizard-king in hopes he will return to save your kingdom.
    • Odalism - I don't think that's what Tolkien was talking about.



    Alternative designs

    Further Information

    Examples of Fantasy in literature :

    Examples of Fantasy in video-games :

    Examples of Fantasy in tabletop-games :

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