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    Polcompball Anarchy Wiki

    Fandomsoc is a doubleplus totalitarian ideology that strictly follows Fandomism. It deleted the fucking Anarchy Wiki, AND the main Polcompball wiki, AS WELL AS POLANDBALL! Very Ingsocy. THEY ALSO CLOSED THE DAMN WIKI EARLY WITHOUT WARNING


    Shutdown Polandball!Poland:Kurwa!
    Shutdown Polcompball!
    Shutdown Anarchy!
    Shutdown many many ball wikis!!!
    Now, he even want to shut down clone high!



    • IngApol-Death to P*litics!
    • Corporatocracy-Fandom Company will ban everything which threatened him!
    • Capitalism - So do you want to add your ad. in wikis?
    • Censorism - Every user who violated the rules should be banned.




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