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    What is it?

    Fallenism is the political ideology of The Fallen The Shackled It is a libertarian right, minarchist ideology. It puts emphasis on capitalism, free trade, and economic growth. It is more in tune with Average Minarchism.

    Civic Beliefs

    Fallenism is a Libertarian/Minarchist ideology, it considers itself a Libertarian Right ideology. It wants a night watchmen state, protecting the NAP, and making sure even minorities and the poor, are protected from physical violence. Although thinks anarchism is a childish and utopian ideology

    Economic Beliefs

    It believes in Austrolibertarian Capitalism. Opposing Welfare, and Socialism.

    Cultural Beliefs

    It is extremely Reactionary, although a bit unorthodox, while it doesn't prioritize LGBTQ people, it does legalize such things. Such as trans therapy, and surgery. It is also a Swiss Nationalist ideology, which dislikes Globalism, and to an extent Multiculturalism. (It is not a Race/Ethnic Nationalist ideology!)



    Heinrich-Cheungism - While he is a totalitarian ideology, he is very cool
    Neo-Afunhumaninterism - Based libertarian capitalist conservative
    Anti-Deathism - There's your choccy milk
    Aaronism - Based libertarianism, based swiss, and based um... other... "things".
    Aaronist-Fallenism - My daughter. I wish she was more culturally right
    Higgardism - B-A-S-E-D! Agree with almost everything



    Marxism - You’re getting the funny water.

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