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    All endings for a state controlled by Fascism.

    Good Endings

    Best Ending

    Without the need to worry about war and foreign interference, the Fascist state succeeds and becomes a global superpower and a model for other countries to aspire to. The name of its leader is immortalized and a wealth of technology is developed. Eventually, humanity leaves earth and settles the entire galaxy.

    Better Ending

    No war happens, but America sticks its gargantuan schnoz into the state’s business and pokes around in there. Eventually, America sends troops into the state to steal their oil, but are repelled. Losses are big, but the state survives and later takes over China, America and Russia, beginning a new era of prosperity.

    Good Ending

    Both a war and foreign interference happen, but the state preservers through all of it, despite enormous losses. These losses set the state back for awhile, but they become a global power within the next century.

    Neutral Endings

    Good-ish Ending

    The state’s economy crashes before America starts to blackmail them. America holds massive power within the state, but the state itself still exists.\

    True Neutral Ending

    Everyone minds their own business and the state sticks to its borders. That’s pretty much it.

    Bad-ish Endings

    The same scenario as the Good Ending happens, but the state degenerates into an Oceania-like country with INGSOC. Dystopia ensues.

    Bad Endings

    Bad Ending

    The state is completely raped by foreign powers. Fascism is still the dominant ideology, but it is pretty much the exact same scenario as post-WWI Germany.

    Worse Ending

    Fascism falls from grace due to either a war or foreign intervention and the state becomes a DISGUSTING democracy.

    Doubleplusungood Ending

    Anarchists somehow take over and turn the state into a commune. All of the leaders are given the Nuremberg treatment.

    ??? Endings

    Sabkv Ending

    Sabkv draws a bunch of pr0n of the state and causes it to pop its cherry.

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