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    , known as Fully Automated Luxury Universal Chiroteslaism is an ideology that combines Apolit.png REDUCTED and Falgsc.png FALGSC.



    The form of government will be cyberocratic constitutional republic. FALUC will operate neural democracy. It opposes liberal democracy and sees it as false democracy and dictatorial in essence. True democracy should be achieved through the sovereignty of people. Under FALUC, the forms of democracy will be direct democracy, e-democracy, and neural democracy. That's it will follow Apolit.png REDUCTED's government views.


    It is influenced by Cybercom.png cybercommunism and PCB-Cybermut.png cybermutualism. There will be a mix between market and semi-decentralized planning. It supports the notion that cybernetics should be used to plan economics. E-Democracy.png e-democracy will be used to determine economic plans. It believes in decentralized economics. The local government should be able to plan economics. The AI that plans the economy shouldn't act like a boss. Under FALUC, workers' cooperatives will be dominant. Workers should be able to form/join independent cooperatives or unions. Most enterprises will be controlled by workers who work there and an elected council. Workers should have a notable control and be able to decide how they want to operate the business via neural democracy.


    It is culturally centrist in general. Progressions and traditions are both important and must be balanced. It belives in racial and gender egalitarianism. It opposes racism, ethnocentrism, and sexism. Technology advancent is extremely important for the society because it will help humanity to reach a higher stage of development.




    •   - if (polcompballanarchy.ideologies[i].values.basedness > 0) {this.ideologies[i].status= "Based"}; {this.page[i].comment = "LITERALLY ME!"};

    •  Marketsoc.png Market Socialism - if (polcompball.ideologies[i].values.basedness > 0) {this.ideologies[i].status = "Based"}; {this.page[i].comment = "BASED ECONOMICS!"};
    •  Soctrans.png Socialist Transhumanism - if (polcompball.ideologies[i].values.basedness > 0) {this.ideologies[i].status = "Based"}; {this.page[i].comment = "Socialism + Transhumanism = Very based"};
    •  Falgsc.png FALGSC - if (polcompball.ideologies[i].values.basedness > 0) {this.ideologies[i].status = "Based"}; {this.page[i].comment = "I got inspired by you :D"};


    •  Trekism.png Trekism - if (polcompballanarchy.ideologies[i].values.basedness < 0) {this.ideologies[i].status = "Bringe"}; {this.page[i].comment = "Your society seems interesting, cool, and moneyless society. It seems too unrealitic to achieve this socialist utopian society."};
    •  Antrans.png Technoprimitivism - if (polcompball.ideologies[i].values.basedness < 0) {this.ideologies[i].status = "Bringe"}; {this.page[i].comment = "It is so contradicting. Le funni cybord monke"};


    •  Anprim.png Anarcho-Primitivism - if (polcompball.ideologies[i].values.basedness < 0) {this.ideologies[i].status = "Cringe"}; {this.page[i].comment = "OH NO! Stop destroying my technology! but le funni ooga ooga ooga!"};
    •  Anpostleft.png Post-Left Anarchism - if (polcompball.ideologies[i].values.basedness < 0) {this.ideologies[i].status = "Cringe"}; {this.page[i].comment = "Oh no! Stop destroying our civilization and technological advancement!"};


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