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    F.I.A.Tsoc is BERNHE0504’s new ideology. It was made when BERNHE0504 decided that the original F.I.A.T was far too benevolent and moderate, so he made it Orwellian with strict anti-PC characteristics. Also, in classic IngSoc fashion, it also prioritizes surveillance and exploiting human nature to maintain an obedient population, rather than brute force like OG F.I.A.T. The base belief of F.I.A.Tsoc is the same as its predecessor; human beings cannot be trusted with any sort of autonomy whatsoever, with this statement being proven by the past 1,000 years of human history, with all of its dysfunction and cataclysm. However, F.I.A.Tsoc is far less benevolent than its dad. It prioritizes the economy and growth of the nation first and foremost, sacrificing organic life when required and modifying it to make it more efficient.


    F.I.A.Tsoc believes that social justice no longer has any functional place in modern society. Those who push for reform ON BOTH THE RIGHT AND THE LEFT will be silenced and disappeared. The state is the supreme authority. Other than that, it is identical to normal F.I.A.T, save for a few of its social views;


    Sex is only allowed between one man and one woman, and this is limited to the sole purpose of making babies. Sex was never meant to be casual. If someone happens to be gay, they will be barred from marriage, unless a church or other religious institution authorizes it. Church and state may be separate, but their traditions and customs must still be honored. Other than that, the church has no say in anything else. Contraceptives and abortions are banned, but IVF and surrogacy is not. Heterosexual sex outside of marriage isn’t necessarily banned, but it is heavily tabooed. The state also confirms that there are two genders and two sexes. Hormones may be purchased using personal luxury money, but it is not funded, endorsed or researched by the government in any way.

    Race/Job Opportunity

    The state recognizes the equality of all human races. There will also be no reparations whatsoever. Because of this, affirmative action, disproportionate pay and other privileges/advantages based on race will be repealed. Everyone that works gets paid THE EXACT SAME THING AS EVERYONE ELSE that works the same job (for example, take welders and managers. Managers as an occupation will be paid more than welders, but every manager will be paid the same as every other manager regardless of race, sexuality, etc. Equality of pay would also apply to welders).

    Personal Freedom

    Basically nonexistent. Surveillance is omnipresent and all-seeing. The government knows everything you do and all of your secrets. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

    Women’s Rights

    Other than the right to abortion, women have the exact same rights as men, including in divorce/legal cases.


    F.I.A.Tsoc is highly assimilationist; annexed peoples/immigrants will be expected to assimilate into the state. People bend to the state, not the other way around. In the case of third-world countries, since they are useless hunks of land, colonization will be reenacted, with many countries as targets for annexation and modernization. After a country is annexed, the local resources will be industrialized and the people will be set on the path to citizenship. The resources gained from these countries will benefit the state. That being said, immigrants will be allowed to participate in their unique cultures, provided that it does not defy the state.

    Worker’s Rights

    The system for pay is described in greater detail in the race section. There is also a minimum wage of $5/hr, but basic food, water, shelter, healthcare and clothing will be provided by the state. If someone takes too many government resources, their wages will be lowered accordingly. This is the only way for someone’s work pay to be decreased and it is extremely rare. With these meagre wages, various luxury items can be brought. This privilege and all government aid will be revoked if one refuses to work.

    Science/The Environment

    The state provides heavy funding for scientific research in the military, domestic and industrial fields. It also tries to pioneer in environmentally-friendly technologies and anyone caught littering will be punished.

    How 2 Draw

    1. Take the IngSoc template.
    2. Give it a cyborg eye and color the V-stripe maroon and the rest blue.
    3. [OPTIONAL]: Draw Mussolini’s fez on it.

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