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    This Ain't My Ideology Anymore!!!

    I literally made this silly thing when I was 16 years old. I've since read some actual economic/political theory and became less of an edgelord (despite the name, this ideology is about as far away from orthodox Fascism as you can get). BERNHEflash.gif This is my new, actual ideology. This is really only kept around nowadays because it's a historical page from when PCB was still on FANDOM a few years ago. If I could delete this, I would.


    F.I.A.T, or Fascist Imperialist Asexual Transhumanism, is the personal brainchild and ideology of BERNHE0504, the bane of Kak.pngKakistocracy, Neoliberal-icon.pngNeoliberals and his parent’s basement (not really), who made it to represent his views. It’s core beliefs are that human beings are completely incapable of ruling themselves due to events from the past 500 years and must therefore be directed even on the most rudimentary levels and under strict surveillance. It is a little more progressive on the Prog/Con axis, but not to the extent that it hinders rational and cultural thought.



    In my opinion, Fascism itself has been wrongfully vilified throughout the ages due to two men and a whole bunch of others who’s gender I’m afraid to assume. The two men in question are Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. We all know who Hitler was, what he did and how he and his actions are related to Fascism even though Hitler wasn’t even Fascist. Mussolini, on the other hand, is a little harder to explain. He is most commonly known as the father of Fascism, but what people don’t know is that Italy thrived under Fascism for the first few decades until WWII happened and Mussolini turned Italy into an egocentric dictatorship; a recipe for disaster. This ultimately led to him being killed and Hitler followed soon after, all because they took their countries in the wrong direction. The difference, however, is that Hitler was wrong from day 1, while Mussolini had a good idea at first, but it descended to madness with time. The ultimate example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t break it”. Essentially, Hitler was too infatuated with bureaucracy and killing off an entire innocent religion to focus effectively on the war, in my opinion, and Mussolini tried to make, as stated prior, an egocentric dictatorship.

    So, what exactly is real Fascism? I ask you to ignore every bad thing about Fascism that your liberal arts teacher or the green-haired “non-binary” lesbians you see on the news says for a little while. Fascism is basically a form of ultra-nationalist authoritarianism that falls in the AuthCenter/Right spectrum on the Political Compass. In its original, non-Alt-Right form, Fascism is just pure authoritarianism; there is no racism, sexism or any other mistreatment. It believes in a big government with a single person in power and a heavy moderation of the public, whether they are white, black or yellow with purple polka dots. Therefore, based on the definitions provided above, F.I.A.T agrees with 90% of what Fascism says apart from the single dictatorship, as one person alone dictating the masses is far worse than the person dictating himself.



    Yet another vilified ideology, but this one actually has a very good reason for the hatred it incurs from most people. Imperialism in nothing new; compared to the century-old history of Fascism, Imperialism has been around since the very beginning of human history. It believes in the expansion of borders by whatever means necessary; including by taking over other countries. F.I.A.T agrees with this to an extent; true Imperialism is only acceptable against third-world countries that are not aligned with any allied superpower. This includes most of Africa, most of the Middle East, North Korea, many of the oceanic isles and pretty much all of the Americas, with the exception of the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and maybe Argentina. These countries would do a lot of good under F.I.A.T and would not be completely useless wastes of land to global superpowers.


    BERNHE0504 has accepted the ethos and beliefs of Imperialism fully. I believe that all third-world countries should be taken over, since all they do is create civil strife and occupy land that they don’t deserve. “Indigenous” people shall be forced to COMPLETELY assimilate to modern society under F.I.A.T and all bygone cultural aspects that they might still believe in will be forcefully purged to help them become more productive to the state.


    F.I.A.T still believes that one person controlling the entire state is a bad idea. Important decisions should be made entirely by computers, since they have the greatest potential to be 100% just and fair. Cybernetic enhancements in the civilian population will also be installed to ensure compliance with the computers, who will operate based on highly advanced algorithms that cannot be tampered with without extremely high clearance. This would normally just be cyberocracy, but the primary values of F.I.A.T (the F, I and T) will still be upheld and human beings will still be able to acquire positions of significant power.


    F.I.A.T believes that sex should only be to make children. Only the state can authorize legal acts of sex and if you are caught doin’ your mom, you could be thrown into prison. Basically, mandatory asexuality unless we have to preserve our birth rate. Note that this viewpoint is not influenced by religious values. I just find sex disgusting and unnecessary 9 times out of 10.



    I very much believe that the human race can be perfected through technology, especially if we merge it with our own bodies. Machines, new technology and its effects would make logistical, environmental and economic problems far easier to manage as well as enlightening people on why they should be ruled in this way. It would also eliminate the need for any new social movement, since all would be equal to the logarithms. There is really no excuse for not merging our obviously underpowered and under-equipped bodies with bigger and better technology if we have the ability to do so.


    After thorough (and opinionated) review, BERNHE has decided that Transhumanism is...too moderate. Although not as extreme as a posthumanist, F.I.A.T’s variant of transhumanism doesn’t stray too far from the norm. Here are the differences:

    • Cybernetic enhancements will become mandatory for all human beings under F.I.A.T, no matter how powerful they are:
      • Neuralink-like devices will be inserted inside of people’s brains, allowing for telepathy. The police can review telepathy logs at will, but they cannot read thoughts.
      • Legs will be replaced with robotic ones, allowing for far greater speed and endurance.
      • The entire skeleton will be replaced with plastic-based devices, significantly improving their strength and eliminating most movement impairments.
      • Muscles will be injected with drugs that sacrifice some fine motor control for far increased strength. The average human would be able to lift one ton.
        • This comes with a string attached. Muscles will also be woven with an electric mesh which allows the police/government to stun them at will.
      • Metabolic enhancements will significantly increase metabolism, making it a lot more difficult to gain weight.

    That’s pretty much it.



    F.I.A.T believes that except under extreme circumstances, abortion is never acceptable and is akin to infanticide. Therefore, the punishment for an unsanctioned abortion will carry the same penalty as killing an adult human being. An abortion may be performed if any of these scenarios are met:

    • The mother’s life is in critical danger AND the baby cannot be delivered via Caesarean section.
    • The baby has a disorder/condition that lowers their potential QoL to subhuman levels. In this scenario, it is strongly encouraged to deliver the baby.


    It is the belief of F.I.A.T that parents should not simply discipline their kids, but to also be their mentors. This goes for teachers as well. However, physical punishment (spankings, The Belt™) will be legal and children will have far less power in legal cases than adults, even though they will still be able to act through attorneys/lawyers. However, [REDACTED] is obviously banned and punished extremely harshly (sorry, purple LibRight) and adults, including parents, will face higher penalties for crimes done to children. Children will be able to drive at 16, will legally become adults at 18 and will be eligible to purchase guns/alcohol/drugs at 21.

    Bodily Autonomy

    Under F.I.A.T, the act of sex is reserved solely for the process of making children. Any contraceptive act will result in a baby. Sex work is outlawed, as well as condoms, sex toys and other degeneracy encouragers/birth control. Homosexuals will be allowed civil union (not marriage), but they will not be allowed to have sex under any circumstances due to STDs (most notably HIV/AIDS) and the fact that individuals of the same gender cannot make children.

    The only drugs allowed under F.I.A.T will be marijuana, alcohol and cigars. Anything else (including vapes/cigarettes) are considered to be health risks and are therefore banned. Possessing/distributing these kinds of drugs is grounds for imprisonment.

    Civil Rights

    Under F.I.A.T, every race of the world is equal. Since every citizen would be held to the exact same standards as every other citizen, any sort of “oppression” that non-white people allegedly face will disappear, therefore making it inexcusable for any one racial demographic to lag behind. However, F.I.A.T also believes in a master race.

    Before you go to the comments with “MUH RACISM N’ PRIVILEGE N’ SHIT”, hear me out first:

    • The master race does not exist yet. The master race will be R O B O T.

    Gun Control

    F.I.A.T, despite being a state-centric Authoritarian, believes in compulsory weaponization of the people. Upon turning 21, a citizen will attend mandatory gun classes as well as numerous physical/mental evaluations. After this, the citizen will be given a pistol. Semi-automatic rifles and shotguns may also be purchased, but there will be limits on modifications, ammunition types and magazines. Any sort of automatic weapon or a precision weapon with a range of over 750 feet will also be outlawed. Robots will have guns built into them, but they would not be allowed to use them unless they detect a threat or an enemy of the state.


    F.I.A.T believes in universal healthcare, which will be supplied with taxes, business income, trade profits and government resources. Since universal healthcare is such a burden on the economy, all of these income sources are sorely needed. This healthcare will cover pretty much everything from the common cold to cancer treatments, but afterwards, the patient will be asked to work extra hours and pay a few more taxes until they “pay off” their treatment. This would allow universal healthcare to partially sustain itself and take a lot of stress off of the economy. Of course, when disease no longer exists, healthcare would become obsolete.


    F.I.A.T is xenophobic. It is possible to immigrate to countries under F.I.A.T, but it is very hard. There are closed borders for the most part and illegal immigration is punished very harshly, as illegals will be declared enemy combatants and will be made to work hard labor for the state. Eventually, all immigrants will be turned into robots, whether or not they want it.

    LGBT Rights

    F.I.A.T believes that homosexuality is something that you are born with, but, for the same reasons that straight people can’t, they are not allowed to have sex. Civil, state-sponsored and official unions can be provided upon request, but not marriage, as this is an affront to third-party religious factions who may be against homosexual marriage. Homophobia is punishable, but so is everything other form of hatred that may do with one’s sex (biphobia, aphobia, heterophobia, etc).

    However, F.I.A.T is a lot less lenient when it comes to the notion of transgenderism. He believes that transgenderism is a choice most of the time, so hormone replacements and their surgeries are heavily regulated, but not necessarily banned outright. Their treatment will not be covered by state healthcare and will come out-of-pocket. The sole exception to this is in the case of medically intersex individuals/hermaphrodites, who will receive surgery to ensure that they will be able to live a somewhat normal life. I’m telling you, robots will render sex obsolete.


    The military is the iron fist of F.I.A.T. It will be very powerful and will have a huge budget, but will mainly be used for homeland defense and imperialism, not attacking fellow 1st/2nd-world countries. If the need for defense does arrive, however, the military of F.I.A.T will crush any opposition. It is made out of an army of professional soldiers as well as some less well-trained local militias and it has access to the best equipment available. I already went into this on top. Insert Robot thing here.


    F.I.A.T is EXTREMELY nationalist and is usually very intolerant towards immigrants and their cultures. He benefits his own beliefs above everything and everyone else. Simply put, he’s willing to step on anyone to get what he wants.



    Under F.I.A.T, the police are your friends. They will be trained a lot better than regular American police, but will have military-level authority, since THEY WILL BE A BRANCH OF THE MILITARY ITSELF. They will be heavily armed and armored, but will know whether to go in guns blazing or to try to de-escalate the situation. Basically, the police will become even more powerful, but a LOT better trained.


    The official religion of F.I.A.T is anything on the monotheistic spectrum (Christianity, Islam and Judaism). Anything else, with the sole exceptions of Hinduism and Shinto, is not recognized by the state. Churches are allowed to exist on government property but, like everything else, must pay taxes. Secular ideas and atheism are also tolerated. The government would not be influenced by religion in any way and would be 100% secular.


    F.I.A.T loves autarky. Although trade with other countries does take place sometimes, most of the trading done by F.I.A.T is internal. There are strict quality-controls on goods imported to F.I.A.T, so not many countries can trade to us. Sometimes, however, if resources are required, the military can just force another inferior country to sign a parasitic trade deal.

    Women’s Rights

    Women will be held in the same regard as men in most aspects, meaning that they will be paid the same thing for the same work. Hygiene products (tampons, pregnancy tests) will be included in the the universal healthcare. However, when it comes to the military, women must meet the exact same physical standards as men do, which will mean far less women in the military. F.I.A.T also believes that transgender women are not biological women and therefore must use male bathrooms/locker rooms. The same applies to transgender men. Rape is still punished very harshly, but F.I.A.T also recognizes that men can also experience rape.

    Worker’s Rights

    Since most of the economy will be in the firm hands of the state, the quality of the workplace will be easier to manage. A 10-hour day (12 with maximum overtime) is mandatory, but workers will receive a one hour break with a complimentary, government-provided lunch. The minimum wage will be $14/hr. Worker’s comp will only be provided for physical injuries either on the job or on the way to/from the job. There will also be safety standards and the ability to unionize. These unions will have far less power than modern American ones, but they can still petition/complain to the state.

    Military Structure (Credit to Hein for the idea)


    • Die Wehrmacht: Basic military units. Have a minimum of two years of rigorous training in armed and melee combat. They also know how to operate rocket launchers, emplacements and artillery. Armed with AK-M assault rifles (modern versions of the AK-47), Origin-12 semiautomatic shotguns and chromium combat swords. Can also carry various LMGs, rocket/grenade launchers and semiautomatic rifles.
    • Die Sturmsoldaten: Accomplished fighters sort of like the Nazi Waffen-Schutztaffel (SS). Have a minimum of three years of training in armed, melee and unarmed combat. They know how to operate everything that Der Wehrmacht does, but they also have the capability to use energy weapons and to request airstrikes. They are usually armed with kugelgewehren (automatic shotguns), stunswords and .50 BMG Sniper Rifles, if the need arises for direct damage/long-range combat.
    • Der Jägergeschwader: Stealth/sniper units. Trained alongside Sturmsoldaten and have many of the same capabilities, but are built for long-range fighting/anti-vehicle/stealth roles. Armed with two sniper rifles; a 20mm Anti-Materiel rifle and a silenced Win-Mag 300. These guns are very bulky and the ammunition is large, so they are only equipped with dual switchblades for melee combat. They can also carry silenced Tec-9 SMGs on stealth missions.


    • Panzergeieren: Military APCs that resemble gigantic SUVs. Loaded with 1-meter thick titanium armor with a minesweeper attachment on the front, making it virtually immune to small-arms fire. It can store up to 10 tons of military equipment or a detachment of 20 soldiers. Has an affixed flak AA cannon to deter aerial attack of convoys as well as numerous peepholes on the side so soldiers inside can fire at ground attackers.
    • Atompanzer: Literal tanks. But they have nuclear reactors inside that can explode at the push of a button. These reactors allow the tank to function virtually forever, but take up a lot of space. Therefore, these tanks are pretty large. Primary armament is a 250mm cannon that is capable of firing AP rounds (shells full of explosive buckshot), HE rounds (rounds that just go BOOM) and Variable rounds (rounds that can either be fitted with a nuclear device, a poison gas or a biological agent). Have 2-meter thick titanium/chromium alloy plates. Sidearms include four autonomous machine gun turrets and a rear-facing flamethrower to deter light vehicles/infantry.
    • Panzerwagen: Armored cars made for ferrying important officers/forces or pursuing insurgents. Can carry 4 soldiers and has an autonomous machine gun affixed on top of the vehicle that can rotate 360º. They have 1/2 meter thick titanium armor.


    F.I.A.T is cold, calculated and ruthless. He pretty much has no friends outside of the Auth Gang and, as a result, is extremely bitter and harsh to the rest of the polcompballs. His best friends are IngSoc, Kraterocracy, and Strasserism. F.I.A.T has been arrested numerous times for assaulting Lib polcompballs and destroying their communes. His worst enemies are Egoism, Stransserism and Antifa. Centrists tolerate him, but they don’t talk to him at all. Also, he’s REALLY into flamethrowers.

    How 2 Draw (W.I.P)

    1. Draw your polcompball. Make sure it has “angry” eyes and the Fascist hat.
    2. Draw a line that covers the entire top left side of your polcompball’s face. Make sure that it doesn’t go through the fasces. This serves as an aesthetic piece as well as making the “fill” tool much easier to use.
    3. Fill the top right portion grey and the rest of the body dark blue, but not navy or indigo. Color the Fascism hat maroon with a gold badge and a red ribbon.
    4. Color the left eye red and the right eye white.
    5. You are done.



    • Nazcaptransh.pngHeinrich-Cheungism: Based ultranationalist member of the Capitalist gang who also wishes to purge SJWs.
    • Strasser.pngStrasserism: Kind of a commie, but based. Stop hating Jews, though.
    • Ergerx-icon.pngErgerxism: This me?
    • Ace.pngAsexuality: SEX IS ONLY TO MAKE CHILDREN!!!
    • Krater.pngKraterocracy: Well, that’s one way of finding out who should be in charge. Based.
    • Ingsocf.pngIngSoc: Doubleplus based.
    • Conseil.pngConseilism: Based economics and the only based anarkiddy on the wiki. Helped me open a gateway to 4chan hell unto AHS.
    • ML.pngMarxism-Leninism: Haha Gulag machine guns go RATATATATAT!
    • Fash.pngFascism: Nobody understands you except me.
    • Imp.pngImperialism: Hey, dad, wanna go plunder Somalia later?
    • Auto.pngAutocracy: Chill, bro.
    • Transh.pngTranshumanism: BASED!!!
    • Postsabkvball.pngPost-Sabkvism: EVEN MORE BASED!!!!!
    • Sinophobia: Fuck Chineh and everything it stands for. CCP shills can fuck right off. Taiwan is based.
    • File:Catarchytangle2.pngCatarchy: Has really good lore and authortarian qualities. Based.
    • File:Quarkism.png: Authoritarian? Secular? TRANSHUMANIST??? BASED!
    • Mondialistball.pngMondialism: I was always fascinated with the Mongolian empire, my dad’s greatest creation.
    • Nothisispatrick.pngDaveism: Pretty based for a full-on socialist.
    • Duncan.pngDuncanism: My dog :DDD
    • Trumpcon.pngTrumpism: Looking back, you were actually very good for this nation. Way to piss off neoliberals everywhere.


    Annihilate Later

    • Samikakoball.pngSamikakoism: The posthumanism is based, but do you really have to advocate for sexual/gender-based degeneracy and anarchism?
    • YugoPart.pngYugoslavPartisanism: I respect the environmentalism, but everything else about you makes my head hurt.
    • Neo-YugoslavPartisanIcon.pngNeo-YugoslavPartisanism: See above.
    • SJW.webpSJW: You cultural “Marxists” make me sick.
    • Logavism.pngLogavism: LibRight...but progressive? Huh?
    • Kedelisism: It isn’t true faith if you force someone to believe it.
    • Neoairisu.pngNeo-Airisuism: At least you’re a little more communalist and therefore have somewhat functioning communities (unlike your last...iteration), but you’re still a cringe anarcuck. At least we agree about Misestards.
    • Oofit icon.pngOofitism: Not as bad as Airisuism, but still cringe.
    • Kak.pngKakistocracy: Get the hell out of here, kid.
    • AnCap.pngAnarkiddiesAncom.png: You will lick my boots with time, I swear it.
    • Prim.pngPrimPrim: HEY! Quit head-butting that elite soldier!
    • Plen.pngPlenderplarism: LARP ≠ true authoritarianism.


    • Strans.pngStransserism: OH MY GOD WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL ARE YOU?
    • Antifa.pngAntifa: Thanks a lot for ruining my parent. I’ll remember this when I see you at the prison coal camp.
    • Ego.pngEgoism: You want a spook? I’ll give you a damn spook.
    • Kirakween.pngKira Kween Thought: Dear God.
    • Airisu.pngAirisuism: Pure degeneracy. Somehow based though. Doesn’t mean I’m not gonna throw her into a prison camp if I see her.

    Fics I Appear In

    • F.I.A.T may play a minor role in PCBA civil war. Being an AuthCenter, it is unclear which side he will join. he will most likely use a flamethrower as his weapon of choice.
    • In The self inserts do stuff and die, F.I.A.T is first described when he destroys polcoomball. Afterwards, he goes on Reddit to do some epic trolling and later posts photoshopped pictures of the AHS mods on random fat people taking tumbles on 4chan, causing an AHS mod to curse him, forcing him to drink napalm until he suffocates on it. Later, a Polcompballer swipes F.I.A.T’s flamethrower so he could eradicate some kinksters.

    The Archives

    AuthValues: https://politicaltests.github.io/auth/results.html?olig=44.5&civil=64.3&elit=65.0&preve=55.0&diver=44.4&ruleund=51.1&bestsuit=78.1&disun=20.0



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