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    Extroversionism is an Authoritarian-Center ideology which believes extroversion should be taken to the extreme. He is the opposite of his sibling Introversionism and half similar to his other sibling Ambiversionism.

    Partying & being on the dance floor is mandatory and lasts for really long periods of time, and even after that you are forced to be part of a very large social group. It is illegal to be by yourself, and you will be killed or put into a forced labour camp for the rest of your life. Extroversionism considers introverts to be inferior, and thus ultimately deserving of their extermination. There really isn't any privacy as you have to constantly surround yourself with several or even hundreds of people at once, and make small talk. Teams of spies also roam around these massive groups to stop anyone from doing other anti-government stuff. As it is very authoritarian - like its introverted sibling - there is no freedom of speech and you are brutally punished for the slightest things.


    Considered to be a hyper-extrovert and is extremely loud and talkative. Really enjoys partying and being the center of attention. As an extrovert, may also be portrayed as a bossy type. Others may consider him to be shallow and obnoxious. Like his introverted sibling, he has a superiority complex and considers those on the opposite of the introverted/extroverted spectrum to be subhumans and in need of destruction.

    How to draw Extroversionism

    Flag of Extroversionism
    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it green.
    3. Draw four black arrows pointing outwards from the center.
    4. Add eyes.

    You're done!



    • Communalism - Likes using "we", "us", "our" and sharing everything with collectivization of all property which is based!


    • Ambiversionism - My half based sibling.
    • Socialism - I hate how your ideology isn't really about socialising at all!
    • Egoism - The concept of not socialising is a spook and does not boost my ego but you're a hyperlibertarian!
    • Neoliberalism - Even though you're democratic, I love how most modern western societies favor extroverts but you need employers (or better the government's) rights to kill someone instead of just firing them for not attending a mandatory work party or not wanting to participate in team building activities or not hiring someone for not wanting to work with others!
    • Omnivertism my sometimes based sometimes cringe son




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