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    Extrosoc is an off-compass ideology that inhabits the authoritarian center area of the political compass. It forces all introverts and extroverts alike to take part in constant partying and socializing. Anyone who does not comply will be unpersoned and introverts never existed.


    Extrosoc believes that socialization is absolutely neccesary for humans, to the point an ultra-totalitarian party should be created and start forcing people to constant partying and hanging out. He thinks introverts are inferior and weak for resisting to socialization. Anyone who declines partying and socializing, especially introverts, will be unpersoned and treated like they never existed.

    Personality and Behavior

    He is a classic Orwellian ideology that uses newspeak, with the difference he likes to party and hang out with friendly ideologies, especially Extroversionism. These friendly ideologies frequently get tired of so much partying, and he gets mad at them. He likes to make wordplays with "The Party" (that controls the government) and "parties" (which he enforces).

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it with bright green.
    3. Draw a black "V".
    4. Draw a single eye with a pupil and you're done!


    The Inner Party

    The Outer Party

    • Omnivertism - Why do you have introvertism in your doublethink?
    • Ambiversionism - You enforce extroversion, but also introversion.


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