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    The Extreme Action Model, or Extreme Actionism (also spelled X-Treem Actionism, Xtreme Actionism, or just about any misspelling of that variation) is the collective ideology throughout the Extreme Action franchise. You don't know what that is, but I will explain. The Extreme Action franchise was created by Muddy Mudkipz and his brother perhaps over 10 years ago in some unused school notebooks, where they drew stickfigures running through deadly obstical courses for pretty much no other reason but to win. These notebooks featured several levels of just that (sometimes with "commercial breaks" in between), and where largely inspired by 2D platformer video games such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Super Mario Galaxy and some other violent 2D platformer flash game involving stick figures that I can't remember for the life of me. That last one is important though, because all (well nearly all, but that doesn't matter) the characters were stickfigures and blood and violence was very prominent throughout these courses, though in the earlier versions, the contestants just seemed to splat into puddles of blood whenever they died. Bloody and violent stickfigure animations from the internet may have also have had a heavy influence on the Extreme Action franchise. All in all, there is usually no reason the stickfigures run through these courses, but there are a few reasons or consensus given from time to time:

    1. The notebook is meant to be interpreted as a video game, and the stickfigures are just players trying to reach the end.
    2. No reason lul (see also: Anarcho-Awesomeness)
    3. "GUTS AND GLORY"; The stickfigures do it for glory, even if its gorey.
    4. The stickfigures have some sort of quest to reach a certain destination.
      1. The stickfigures need to defeat some finale boss in order to save the universe or something.
      2. The stickfigures are trying to escape some place that they found themselves in by some unexplained predicament.
    5. The stickfigures are competing in a competition or game show.


    In the earliest books, there was practically no reason or incentive for the stickfigures to run these courses except for the glory of winning. Though many people die and get hurt in these obstacles, this seemingly doesn't bother anyone in the slightest, and everyone goes on their merry way towards victory. Most of the obstacles and enemies in the way would suggest a deadly pathway of natural and misfortunate occurrence, but some other obstacles such as moving saw blades and gunmen with bowler hats shooting down contestants from their fortified leisure, as well as designated "finish" areas, might have influenced the concept of Extreme Action being a game show in the revamped versions.

    Below I will list out the Extreme Action books that I can remember and their significance. If I can recover any of these books, I will try to include images from them.

    The Original Extreme Action

    This book was probably titled "X-TREEM ACTION" and the above text basically describes this one, and can also describe most of the early Extreme Action books. Because my memory is poor, I will likely describe most of these as one; however many there might have been. The levels were mostly sporadic and took great influence from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Classic enemies from this era include "spikies", "sticky plants", "Bullies", Angry/Fuzzy Eyes, "crushers" and some more forgotten ones such as the floating fish. Swinging Axes were also quite iconic.

    Power-ups such as the fat candy (only one I can remember) would make you extremely large and fat and force to to run as quickly as possible to your instant death.

    Notably, skateboards were also a common means of transportation and were prominent components of Extreme Action in the early ages.

    Extreme Action in Space

    In this book, the contestants take off to space (by simply jumping off their miniature Earth and trekking their way across the rest of their solar system and even further out too. Some of the levels took inspiration from Super Marion Galaxy, but it is forgotten if their goal was to also save the universe like it was in that game or if space was just and aesthetic. Probably the prior.

    Extreme Action: Dinosaur Days

    In this book, the stickfigures are taken back in time to rush through obstacles in the dinosaur days. Its never really explained why they are there but they are. Probably because dinosaurs are frikken awesome.

    Extreme Action: Inside Story

    This book was extremely under-finished, but is the book that introduced King Klutchy and his levitant orb companion, Charles. The character after this actually has nothing to do with extreme action, but regardless, this is where he was conceived (You don't know who this character is, but I swear, I will write a page about him too). Anyways, the story begins with King Klutchy inhaling a stickfigure (who is to be the protagonist) who must traverse King Klutchy's insides in order to escape and ultimately defeat King Klutchy. None of that ever happened though because the book was too incomplete. The story was also based off of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

    Extreme Action Kids

    Basically a kid friendly parody of Extreme Action without gore and with retextured sprites in order to make things look happy and joyful.

    Extreme Action (Revamped)

    After not touching the topic of Extreme Action for a while, I decided to bring it back with better artwork and more comprehensible level design. It was to be introduced as a game show of the same name, where people actually died just for televised entertainment. One thing that made this different from the other books is that the contestants actually had names and personalities. Of course, not to mention that this game show is hosted by a glorious blue-haired gentleman named Derbygerbalgaztards (which was likely misspelled numerous times because- well how are you NOT supposed to misspell a name like that). It was kind of like Total Drama Island except people actually died. The exact legal ramifications behind this is never looked into, but it would appear to be perfectly legal, and in fact, nobody even has a negative attitude against it. They are all in it to win it. Legal action would not be taken against the show until Extreme Action Odyssey, where a more righteous and critical society is depicted, but even then, they only demand that the show be shut down due to complaints and lawsuits. The winners of each level were given a badge and a special prize that they could use to help themself in the next level. In the end, (SPOILERS) a robber-like character named Robbin would win and he had an emotional reunion with dad, who is strangely a human, seeing as all the other characters are stickfigures.

    Notable enemies in this book include "Woddles", "Flat-Heads", "Blowapedes", "Blowgoons" and "Ice Blats".




    Extreme Action (Revamped 2)

    This book can be seen as a continuation of the first one; another season of Extreme Action to be held. We are once again introduced to the host Derbygerbalgaztards and all the contestants get to stay in a 5-Star hotel located on an elevated platform along with a plaza and many places of recreational service. Unlike the first book however, the contestants do not have names and are mostly indistinguishable. However, yet again, there are some characters with distinct features or behavioral patterns that make reoccurring appearances. Also, like the first book, everyone is siked to be a part of the show, but gradually the population becomes more somber as time goes on and more people die. The artwork and level design are also improved yet again, being very thematic too. Winning a level will grant a contestant a permanent badge displayed above their head and a special prize that they can use to help them in the next level. At the end, Derbygerbalgaztards decides to destabilize the entire resort so that everyone is forced to flee as fast as possible and take on the finale fight against Derbygerbalgaztards himself, but we never quite get to see how it ends because it is unfinished; RIGHT THERE, AT THE VERY END, which is a shame because it was so EPIC!



    Extreme Action Odyssey

    By far, this is the book that has the greatest artwork, storyline and character development. The main gimmick of this one is taken from Super Mario Odyssey; the cap-ture ability. Within the book, there are entities based off of Bonneters called "Jappies" which allow you to do this. They are essentially just Jewish Bonneters that take the form of little Jew hats. They are always in the lookout for a master, but often face resentment before reveling that they can change their appearance to look like any other type of hat. The story begins with the Extreme Action television host, Derbygerbalgaztards, enjoying himself on his luxurious private island with his Butler off the coast of some nation based off New Zealand. Suddenly, he receives a wheel barrel full of lawsuits that threatens to shut down his show, so he decides the best course of action is to fly his fighter planes (which he calls "toys") with his butler and shoot at the city streets. They are soon pursued by military jets, but the pair releases a stream of smoke which allows them to sneak behind the jets and shoot them down, but its not long until a sailor strikes them down as well with a missile launcher. Derby G. and his butter crash land onto the shore of an obscure island but are unscathed. There, they find two Jappies looking for a master. The Jappies teach them how to use them and help them escape the island. Before long, they use their powers to kidnap all the world leaders in cages and disperse them across the world in random lactations so that nobody will find them. They also enslave a large portion of the world's population and force them to work in the mines. The world plummets to anarchy and is taken over by monsters. Meanwhile, a group of stickfigures try to find refuge from an eminent giant woddle chasing them. They hide in a boarded-up hat shop and come across a box full of Jappies. The Jappies help them escape and later capture a tank to defeat the aggressive woddel. Robbin from before becomes somewhat of a leader and makes a viking dude his second-in-command. When the mist stirs clear from the defeated woddel, a cage containing a "world leader" (in reality, he just owns an island which has political status as a country) named Dr. Tye Bones (You also don't know who he is, but I'm just going to say he's a minor character from a stickfigure comic series I made called Stick Adventures). After much conversation, with his information, Robbin concludes that it is Derbygerbalgaztards who is behind the word's collapse. Tye Bones transfers the crew to his island which acts as a level-selection hub and hat-collection house for all the hats that are collected throughout the game. I should also mention that there are some "hat-coins" throughout each level, but I forget what they're supposed to do exactly. Unfortunately, this book is also incomplete, and it doesn't go past the first level.



    Scrapped Content


    How to draw

    1. Draw a white ball.
    2. Write "X-TREEM ACTION" on it with scatchy letters.
    3. Add the eyes.

    You're done!





    Derbygerbalgaztards Thought

    Derbygerbalgaztards Thought, or D.G. Thought for short, is the ideology of the game show host Derbygerbalgaztards from Extreme Action who hosts a show of the same name. He can be considered a libertarian or propertarian due to due to his hatred for the government and use of voluntary contractorship (pre-odyssey), but he technically has no political association. Naturally, he has no regard for human life and will eagerly anticipate the death of his contestants. He has shown distaste for Jews before, but generally doesn't have much of a problem with them. Now what he really despises are "silly humans and their ideas of morality".

    After lawsuits threatening to close his show, D.G. turned to terrorism and when that failed, world domination. He now has most of the world slaving away in his mines and has toppled the world governments, where they are now patrolled by monsters under his command. He rules in part with his butler, but his butler is still more of a butler, but can still have substantial influence considering he's the only one not of his bad side.


    Despite D.G. Thought's moral shortcomings, he is actually an outstanding gameshow host and is known to have a very charming character and very glamorous in every other aspect, however superficial he may actually be. Ever since his show was shut down, he has shown a much more menacing and vengeful character.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Give it blue puffy hair and a black top hat with a blue stripe.
    3. Give him a blue goatee and a blue bow tie.
    4. Add the eyes.

    Youre done!




    • Voluntary Human Extinction - Though I agree with voluntary contractorship, just waiting to die out is SOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo boring!
    • Cosmicism - That octopus man does seem a little familiar.... but what would I know?


    • Humanism - Silly mortal with their ideas of moral- trying to shut MY show down! My show is glorious!
    • Kritarchy - Leave my show alone!


    Graded Score

    Kills: AT LEAST 117/25 - Most kills included are deaths from the obstacle courses, Derbygerbalgaztards seldom took lives personally. The real number though is much, much higher.

    Style Points: 25/25 - Sends contestants to their deaths in his gameshow for the lulz. Went postal one day and shot at civillians from a fighter plane with his butler and had the military on his ass, and was able to fend them off for a while.
    Ideology: 10/25 - World domination.
    Influence: 0/25 - This is just a stickfigure cartoon that has barely any public surfacing. Didn't even influence any individuals in his respective cartoon, except if you include the freedom fighters who conspire against him.
    Final Score: 151/100

    Wanted Level: ★★★★★



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