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    Expeditism is a LeftUnity ideology that holds that each individual knows best how to enjoy their own life most, and that positive experience (and avoidance of negative experience) is the only purpose and measure of morality in life. Thus, it advocates a state which supplies everyone with the basic needs for a good life, and that protects its citizens from harms that others might do them (directly or indirectly). In this way, it seeks the concurrent maximization of both negative liberty and positive liberty.

    Expeditism is malleable, seeking in whatever circumstances it may find itself in to grant everyone both as much freedom and capacity to exercise their freedom as it can. As an example of one formation, Anti-Work Expeditism might advocate to add to negative liberty by making work economically optional (perhaps supplementing the lost labor with automation). One constant across most forms of Expeditism (as a corollary of its aforementioned core principle) is the principle of "Stay Out of my Business", or the principle that no actions to which all (reasonably) affected parties consent ought to be prevented, which endears it to many libertarians and also in most cases ensures its support of limited markets. However, Expeditism is not wholly a libertarian ideology, as it has no objections to exercise of state power when to tangible benefit to peoples' liberties.


    Expeditism is generally jocund, and frequently idealistic to a point of naivete, but it is not stupid. It is frequently on drugs, since Expeditism's "Stay Out of my Business" principle would according to most call for legalization of all drugs, and has an annoying tendency to burst into a leftist text-wall at the slightest provocation. It has something of a smug superiority complex, feeling that its principled and idealistic stances are simply correct, but will also readily team up with disagreeing ideologies for a common cause.

    How To Draw

    1. Draw a ball with eyes (tint the eyes red if Expeditism is on drugs).
    2. Color the left half solid "positive liberty pink" (#FF47AD).
    3. Color the right half "negative liberty yellow" (#FFFF33).
    4. Carve out a thick pink semicircle from the yellow side.




    • Marxism-Leninism - I like where your head's at, but gulags, really?
    • Anarcho-Communism - Good ideas, but you need a state to back them up.
    • Egoism - You call me a spook. Boo.
    • Liberalism - The bit where trans rights and welfare exist is good. Miss me with the rest.


    • Fascism - I respect your right to an opinion, but touch a hair on my head and I'm shoving a spoon up your nostril.
    • State Liberalism - You make progressive leftists look bad.
    • Conservatism - Leave my estrogen pills alone!


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