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    Existential Mattism is an Indiv.png individualistic and Existentialist Anarchism.png existential philosophy that belongs to MATTball.png Matteel when he is Apolit.png not engaged in politics.


    The thing he ponders the most is how we are here and what is our purpose, but since realizing that we have no answers for basically any of these, he comes to the next logical conclusion that the meaning in his life is what pleasures him. He is naturally guided by his own morals and feelings for decision making. However, he's opposed to philosophical pessimism, and embraces an optimistic view of the world. Because while he does see there being no point in living, he also sees that there can be meaning in one's life with the experiences they choose to go after, since we have no greater purpose in life than what we create in it.

    So, you see that hedonism is a large philosophical pillar in this philosophy. Well, that's largely because the creator is medically diagnosed with ADHD, which is associated with impulsiveness and hedonism as a result, he has never not focused on anything that hasn't made him happy. He would consider improving himself and moving past politics to something more productive, but then realizes that it is ultimately futile as he is too indulged into what he is doing and doesn't want to stop, so he continues doing it, and the cycle repeats.

    What does he consider pleasurable? Since pleasure has many different meanings, and it could be argued that we are all hedonists since we seek to avoid pain and do things that are pleasurable. Well, if it wasn't obvious, he's talking about sex. He prefers anime, and specifically yuri. Which is an anime genre that focuses on lesbian relationships. Although, other pleasures like eating junk food, taking a warm shower, ect, would count for this as well.


    He's very horny and likes having sex, preferably with characters from fictional media like anime. Also, he's very guided by his own ideals and emotions, and notability individualistic.



    • Indiv.png Individualism - I am my own moral agent.
    • Apolit.png Apoliticism - Politics are a constant flood of negativity that distract me from better things.
    • Gamer.png Gamerism - Playing games is fun.
    • Existentialism.png Existentialism - There's no greater purpose in our lives outside of we choose to create in them. No gods, no masters.
    • Hedonism-cloud.png Hedonism - Pleasure is the best feeling in the world, and is what gives me meaning in my life.
    • PCB-Anime.png Animeism - Jacking off to anime is fun.


    • Absurd.png Absurdism - Doesn't think that acts themselves can create meaning, but agrees that we can create meaning in a meaningless world.
    • Anin.png Anarcho-Individualism - I like your respect for personal freedom and libertine attitude, but you take everything too far in those regards.


    • Cultism.png All Religions - Religions only hold back my self-expression.
    • Humanismpix.png Humanism - Humanism is another religion.
    • SJW.png SJW - Wokeness is cancer.


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